The Cupcake Craze Might Be Over, But Here Are 11 Ways To Celebrate Them Forever

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The cupcake is dead. Well, that's what everyone seems to be saying ever since one of the leading purveyors of the frosting-topped confection, Crumbs, announced they were closing their doors on Monday. The craze began in 2010 and experienced a huge surge in popularity, with cupcake shops and trucks popping up on every block. They found a place on restaurant dessert menus everywhere and sat pretty at the forefront of bakeries, even replacing wedding cakes and inspiring fashion blogs.

Alas, four years later, it seems macarons and gourmet donuts are the new sweet treat in town and cupcakes are on their way out. But if you are an avid cupcake connoisseur and aren't quite ready to say farewell, you don't have to. Here are 11 ways to celebrate the cupcake forever.

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