The Cupcake Craze Might Be Over, But Here Are 11 Ways To Celebrate Them Forever

The cupcake is dead. Well, that's what everyone seems to be saying ever since one of the leading purveyors of the frosting-topped confection, Crumbs, announced they were closing their doors on Monday. The craze began in 2010 and experienced a huge surge in popularity, with cupcake shops and trucks popping up on every block. They found a place on restaurant dessert menus everywhere and sat pretty at the forefront of bakeries, even replacing wedding cakes and inspiring fashion blogs.

Alas, four years later, it seems macarons and gourmet donuts are the new sweet treat in town and cupcakes are on their way out. But if you are an avid cupcake connoisseur and aren't quite ready to say farewell, you don't have to. Here are 11 ways to celebrate the cupcake forever.

Sequin Cupcake Sweatshirt

In lieu of sports teams and rap lyrics, you can represent what you really believe in on your shirt: Cupcakes.

‘Natalie’ Sequin Cupcake Sweatshirt, $189.98,

Juicy Couture Juicy Party Cupcake Charm

A Juicy Couture cupcake keychain? It doesn’t get more vintage than that.

Juicy Couture Juicy Party Cupcake Charm, $52.99,

Cupcake Socks

Pledge your allegiance to the cupcake with a pair of cupcake-toed socks.

Navy Cupcake Toe, $3,

Neff Fuzzy Cupcake Beanie

You can literally be a cupcake head with this cherry-topped beanie.

Neff Fuzzy Cupcake Beanie, $22.30,

Blue Q Sweet Cupcake Shopper Bag

You may not be stuffing it with cupcakes, but at least you can pretend like you are.

Blue Q Sweet Cupcake Shopper Bag, $13.34,

Cupcake Nail Decals

It beats getting sticky cupcake stuck on your nail beds.

Cupcake Nail Decals, $2.30,

Cupcake Dog Dress

Have a dog? Extend your obsession to your four-legged friend.

Cupcake Swirl Dog Dress, $18,

TokyoMilk Cupcake Fragrance

Who wouldn’t want to smell like freshly-baked cupcakes all of the time?

Sugar Sugar No. 52 Eau de Parfum, $30,


Cuddle with your cupcake without all the crumbs.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Cupcake Pillow, $24,

Converse Cupcake Sneaker

You can always count on Converse to turn your addiction into something cute and stylish.

Converse Cupcake Sneaker, $54.99,

Cupcake Boyfriend Pajamas

Have the sweetest dreams with these cupcake-printed PJs.

Cupcake Boyfriend Pajamas, $59.99,