Do You Want to Build a Sushi Snowman?

Did you ever want to build a snowman, and then eat it like the voracious Frozen fan that you are? Perfect! Sorted Food has provided you with a recipe for how to make a sushi Olaf from Frozen . This is obviously cool (I know, I know, it's a bad Frozen pun that is OBVIOUSLY intended) since it's Frozen-inspired, and Frozen is the Disney craze that will never, ever, ever die, but it's also sushi. Making sushi is enough of a challenge for someone like myself who is proud when she "cooks a salad," but sushi with a Frozen twist? Bring out the apron; I'm a DOMESTIC GODDESS.

For those of you who are sushi-phobes and cringe at the thought of ingesting raw fish, fear not. This is pretty much just a recipe for rice balls dressed as Olaf. But with this in mind, consider all of the other Olaf-inspired snowman recipes you could make for your next Frozen party. There's the obvious snow cone, there's sugar cookie dough balls, and there's the less obvious whitefish salad (which, when dressed up like a snowman, is probably less appetizing than the aforementioned sugary treats).

Regardless, if you wanna try building your own Olaf, you can click here for Sorted's recipe, and you can also watch the very entertaining video that instructs you how to make it. Feel free to sing, of course. It is Frozen, after all.

Image: SortedFood/YouTube