The Real Reason The GOP Is Threatening To Boycott NBC and CNN

In two letters released Monday, the Republican National Committee threatened not to partner with NBC and CNN for the 2016 Republican primary debates if the networks go through with their respective plans to air a miniseries and a documentary about Hillary Clinton.

Here's an excerpt of the letter RNC Chairman Reince Priebus wrote to NBC.

Seems straightforward enough: Major networks air purportedly pro-Hillary material, so the GOP seeks out other outlets for its primary coverage. Not so, as Time explains. The GOP is actually aiming to have fewer primary debates in 2016, because party leaders believe having 20 debates hurt their party and Mitt Romney.

Arguably, Mitt Romney would have hurt the party and his campaign even if there had been just 10-12 primary debates, which is what the GOP is aiming for in 2016 — $10,000 bet, anyone?

As Time details,

So far, the proposed penalties haven't caught on, but Priebus' letter could be the impetus necessary to ensure candidates don't participate in unauthorized events. Meaning there are likely to be fewer debates in 2016. We're already mourning the potential loss of up to half the gaffe-laden events that were so, so (sadly) entertaining in 2012.