Aziz Ansari Begs Us to Stop Seeing 'Transformers' For the Good Of The World & He's Not Wrong

There's no doubt that alien robot dinosaurs being ridden by other alien robots are a big draw for audiences — just ask Transformers : Age Of Extinction and the bonkers opening weekend it had worldwide. But there's a dark side to the continued blockbuster success of the franchise: It encourages more Transformers. It must be stopped. At least, that's Aziz Ansari's take on the matter.

The Parks and Rec comic made this point via his Twitter account Tuesday, writing "With all due respect, people of China, stop seeing Transformers so much, you're making movies worse for everyone!"

He's not exaggerating the film's success: The fourth Transformers film opened to $300 million worldwide, $100 million of which came from the United States and $90 million of which came from China, where a third of the movie was based. Currently, it's up to $219.2 million in China and $180 million domestically. Combine that with a 17 percent Rotten Tomatoes rating, and you can see where Ansari's coming from: Hollywood's hardly got any incentive to stop making crappy big-budget movies when they're just going to make all their money back no matter how unsatisfied their audience is upon leaving the theater.

Maybe we should just all remember one of our favorite 30 Rock sight gags of all time, in which Liz Lemon walks by a poster for Transformers 7 and the byline reads "Written by No One." If we don't want an endless parade of underwhelming dredge-y fluff, we kind of have to stop paying $20 a pop to see them every time they wave an alien dinosaur robot in our faces. Won't anybody listen to Aziz Ansari?

Image: Paramount