Free Pot Is Being Handed Out to Promote a Marijuana Documentary Because Of Course

So, anyone want some free pot? According to Deadline, producer and co-writer Adam Hartle and director Anthony Hashem are promoting their new documentary Mile High: The Comeback of Cannabis by giving out free weed. Yeah, that's happening. Now, some people might be like, "Wow, how the times have changed!" But I'm over here like, "Wait. How has no one else done this before? This is great." Because, honestly, people love free stuff. And now that it's more "socially acceptable" to casually talk about weed, I can confidently say that people will most likely love the idea of free weed.

The documentary follows Colorado's ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, so obviously they're planning on handing out legal marijuana to anyone over 21 with a valid ID outside of each screening this week. Honestly, it makes complete sense, especially since their research for film showed that Mary-Jane lovers are their target audience. According to Deadline's interview with Hashem, what they've found out about the film is that "the 20- to 40-year-old demographic who have used cannabis before absolutely love it, and the older crowd who hasn't find it less favorable." Duh.

Adam Hartle on YouTube

So, if someone can casually hand out weed, what could other movies have handed out? Keeping in line with the "I can't believe they're giving that to people" theme, here are some, um, controversial items that could have potentially been handed out to promote the films (both legal and very illegal):

Condoms for Mean Girls.

And some snacks, of course.

Spiked hot chocolate for Elf.

wetmachine on YouTube

Who doesn't like alcohol during the holidays?

Fake IDs for Superbad.

Have fun, 14-year-old boys!

Viagra for The 40-Year-Old Virgin.

xlindsay4 on YouTube

This way people don't need to go to CVS to buy it.

A mixed bag of drugs for The Wolf of Wall Street.

... it's like Halloween!

Porn for Don Jon.


A bag of blow for Boogie Nights.


A bag for everyone!

Pineapples for Pineapple Express.

JK... more weed.

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