Rayna Might Actually Choose Luke on 'Nashville'

Oh, love, what a complicated web you weave, especially in regards to country music dramas. Nashville's Season 2 finale left our dear Rayna Jaymes with a very difficult decision to make. Not only did her world-famous country music star boyfriend Luke Wheeler propose to her on national television, but her former flame (and arguably one true love) Deacon Claybourne finally stepped up to the plate and made his claim for her heart. Now obviously, for dramatic purposes, the writers chose to leave Rayna’s decision up in the air, ensuring fans tune in to see if Rayna chooses Deacon or Luke in Season 3. But that’s not going to stop us from forming our own opinions and predictions of what her answer will be come next fall, especially since one Nashville star has dropped a pretty big clue. It's time to dig into this love triangle, y’all!

Naturally, the popular choice for fans is going to be Deacon. He’s the great love of Rayna’s life, the father of her eldest daughter Maddie, and their overall chemistry is simply undeniable. Not to mention the fact that the two of them have some serious history. But that could end up serving as a double-edged sword since that history hasn’t always been filled with the happiest of memories. Let’s not forget that the last time Rayna attempted to make things work with Deacon, the two of them ended up in a horrible car crash that nearly ended her life as well as her music career. So that’s a path she may not want to journey down again, pushing her to opt for the safer choice in Luke. And who could blame her?

Granted, we’ll be the first to admit that Deacon is super dreamy and a lot more likable than Luke. (You know it's true!) But at the same time, no one has hurt Rayna as much as Deacon has, so we're hesitant to hop back on that relationship bandwagon again. Sure, he’s sober now and appears to have his priorities in order (finally!), but just think of all the times he’s relapsed. It could easily happen again and do we really want to see Rayna go through that all over again?

Then there are Rayna’s children to consider. She’s already proven time and time again that she’s a wonderful mother who always puts her kids’ needs first. And while the idea of Rayna and Deacon together would certainly make Maddie happy, she may not want to risk setting her daughter up for such a big disappointment if things don't work out. It’s a huge risk to take and the stakes may be just a little too high.

So do I think Rayna will choose Luke over Deacon? Yes. However, this claim has more backing behind it than just my opinion. Will Chase — who plays the character of Luke — recently chatted with TVLine about his own thoughts regarding the Rayna-Deacon-Luke love triangle and he thinks he has a real shot at getting the girl. “My gut says that Luke and Rayna will be [together],” Chase tells the site. “But you never know. They have to write some more stories.”

Then there's fact that Chase has been upped to a series regular on the show, which is pretty telling in itself and only helps to further prove Luke’s advantage. After all, if his character is sticking around, what other purpose would he serve if not to be Rayna’s betrothed? It’s not like he has significant ties to anyone else in the show. Plus, choosing Luke provides the perfect set up for some future wedding day drama. (We certainly wouldn’t object to Deacon interrupting the ceremony.) So if Rayna were to give into her feelings for Deacon now, what fun would that be? If our past shipping obsessions have taught us anything it’s that the chase is always the best part...

I'm not saying don’t root for Deacon and Rayna. I'm just saying don't be too surprised if Rayna’s decision sends her into Luke's waiting arms — at least for now.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC, Glamour, thats-normal