Robin Thicke's Parents Comment on His Relationship with Paula Patton Because Their Opinions Totally Matter

If you've been biting your nails in concern about the state of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's relationship after their split, then you can set your minds at ease. Their relationship status is currently It's Complicated. Who's saying that? Robin Thicke's parents. For some reason, Robin Thicke's parents commented on Thicke and Patton's relationship, because apparently their opinions matter here. We've already heard an entire album's worth of what Thicke has to say on the subject, so the natural next step was obviously a statement from his parents. Obviously.

The last time we heard Paula Patton voice her own opinion on the split was in May 2014 when she gave a Vanity Fair interview admitting that she still loves him. Since then, her thoughts and feelings on the matter have been completely overrun by Robin Thicke's promotional apology tour. Anything we hear about her is filtered through Thicke's point of view, like when he admitted the two of them had not seen each other in a while and that she hadn't even listened to the full Paula album. Now his parents are adding their two cents to all of this? Can we not?

I appreciate what Alan and Tanya Thicke are trying to do for their son — nothing says united front like your own parents stepping forward to confirm how miserable you are — but they are just further helping to take away Patton's autonomy in this relationship and adding to any pressure she might feel to reconcile with Thicke.

At the end of the day, there are only four people officially qualified to comment on the status of Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's relationship.

Robin Thicke

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To be honest, I think we've all heard more than enough out of Thicke on this particular subject. He's selling, but we're not buying. Just look at Paula's UK album sales.

Paula Patton

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Patton is smart to be playing her cards close to the chest and keeping her mouth shut about this. The more she flies under the radar, the more we sympathize with her. Just the fact that Thicke is getting more attention and press out of their split than she is makes me sympathize with her.


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No matter which God you're believing in, he, she, or they are probably all-knowing, which also probably means they know more about Thicke and Patton's relationship than the not-couple themselves do.

Absolutely No One Else

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If you're none of the above three people and are thinking about officially commenting on Thicke and Patton getting back together, stop. Just stop.