Steve Nicks Joins 'The Voice' Season 7, Adding to Weirdest Mix Of Coaches Ever

The Voice is about to get the Fleetwood Mac treatment. The Associated Press reports that Stevie Nicks will be joining The Voice as an adviser to Adam Levine's team, and I'd just like to point out that The Voice's upcoming season will now feature Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Stevie Nicks, so here's my personal endorsement for a MEGA COLLABORATION involving the four of them. Anything those four sing together has the potential to bigger than the 2001 mega-collaboration that was Lady Marmalade .

Anyhow, Extra TV reports that this was largely Levine's doing. He's a huge Stevie Nicks fan, and if you can recall, back in Season 1, Nicks performed "Landslide" with Adam's team, resulting in a W-I-N. Perhaps Nicks, as she helps Levine & Co. with their songs and stylistic choices, will help Levine gear up for another winning season.

The other advisers have yet to be announced, but here's hoping that the weird amalgamation of hosts and advisers just gets exponentially weirder. And while I'm on the topic of things that should happen when the new season of The Voice premieres on September 22, I'd like to request that a dry ice machine accompany Nicks whenever she appears on stage.

For now, here's a throwback to when Nicks appeared on The Voice.

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