Would You Rent Your Wedding Dress?

When it comes to wedding dresses, all bets are off. Most women will throw their life savings away to secure THE perfect gown. But online bridal boutique Borrowing Magnolia hopes to help future brides be a bit more rational with their monies, all while finding the perfect gown for their special day. The site, which was launched just this month by three friends Ashley Steele, Cali Brutz and Stephanie Olvey, offers used wedding dresses from former brides for sale or for rent.

The co-founders created their business with today's bride in mind. "We've noticed that the modern bride is a little bit savvier — how can she do things herself, how can she save money — and we've noticed that the bride is less focused on putting on this really showy event that costs a lot of money," Olvey told Fashionista.

Although last February Rent the Runway announced that they had plans to start carrying wedding gowns, their selection still lacks, only offering a handful of styles. With this giant hole in the market, the ladies of Borrowing Magnolia were smart to capitalize. Not only does it give an affordable solution for brides who hope to score a designer gown while spending way less, but the site also has a beautifully designed website offering dresses of all styles and price points on models of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Here are some examples of the dresses you can rent or buy from the site:

Jenny Packham Gown available for rent for $1,800

Heidi Elnora Gown available for rent for $1,200

Michelangelo Gown available for rent for $800

As you can see, it's still fairly pricey to rent a gown from Borrowing Magnolia. Although it's way less expensive than purchasing these designer gowns, some of these still ask you to hand over more than $1,000 for a dress you have to give back at the end of your special day. On top of that, there's a $99 fee to try them on. Still, it seems like a good idea for women who are set on a high-end, designer dress and can't afford to buy one on their own.

Would you be OK with renting a used wedding gown?

Images: Borrowing Magnolia