'SYTYCD' Jourdan Lands In The Bottom 3, Here's Why This Is A Travesty

After So You Think You Can Dance's first week of competition, America finally had the chance to vote for their favorite dancers of the week. How did people use their remarkable power? By not voting for Jourdan Epstein and thereby landing her in the bottom 3 girls on Wednesday night. Thankfully she was saved by the judges and sadly ballroom dancer Malene was sent home but I couldn't be more confused as to why Jourdan was even in the mix. Jourdan has been a shining light from day one of her time on the show.

Jourdan's ballet pointe routine with Jacque was quite incredible, and not only because it was the first time SYTYCD featured two women doing ballet pointe. The routine impressed the judges and seemed to be a standout among a great night of the dancers performing numbers in their own styles. But it landed Jourdan in the bottom three anyway. There's already been talk about why Jourdan may not be the most popular dancer at the moment, one of the reasons being that the ballet pointe routine may have been too traditional for mainstream audiences. Some viewers may have also been put off by the fact that Jourdan used her brother's struggle with drug addiction during her audition to try and gain some popularity. But the same can be said with the stories from some of the other competitors this season, like Bridget who constantly brought up the tragic death of her father during LA callback week. I guess I'm naive because I hate the idea of thinking anyone would stoop that low to get a few measly votes.


But Jourdan is too good of a dancer to be in trouble this early in the competition. She's got a spark when she dances, even guest judge Christina Applegate thought so at Jourdan's first audition. She just needs to find a way to bring that spark forward every week. On Wednesday night, Jourdan was partnered with ballroom dancer and fellow amazing dancer Marquet who seems to have the popularity Jourdan lacks at the moment. The two performed an awesome Hip Hop/Jazz number by Shawn Cheesman and Jourdan had the chance to really show her fierceness, something that was missing last week during the highly traditional classical ballet pointe routine, but something we did see in her first audition.


I think with a great partner like Marquet and the chance to dance other styles that have more fluidity, flexibility and fun, Jourdan really rise up the potential she has had from the start. She may not make Top 4, but I could easily see her get into the Top 10 and go on tour with her fellow contestants. America, don't lose hope on Jourdan just yet.

Image: Fox