Her Face Paint Scored Her A L'Oreal Contract

For sports fanatics, games usually include a ton of face paint, clothing that only includes your favorite team's colors, and shouting at the top of your lungs. Of course, the World Cup games have been no exception to this normalcy, and there have been plenty of adorable face-painted fans from all over the world, including USA fans donning their most patriotic attire. But it's probably safe to say that when Axelle Despiegelaere headed to Brazil to support her home country of Belgium, she wasn't thinking a picture of her in the crowd would land her a contract with L'Oréal.

A photo of the 17-year-old Belgian beauty cheering in the stands with her face painted and rocking a viking hat from two weeks ago went viral on Twitter, and that's apparently all L'Oreal needed to see. Despiegelaere now has a "affiliation" campaign with the cosmetic company, and she took to Facebook on Tuesday, July 8, to announce she signed a contract with the brand. Her beautiful locks inspired the company to spare no time shooting a video campaign that features Despiegelaere getting her hair colored and styled by L'Oreal professional, Thierry Huys. And at the end of the video, she walks out of the salon with her hair shining bright and cheers on Belgium one more time!

Clearly, being Internet famous is for real, guys.

Let's break this down: She now has a picture that went viral on Twitter, an affiliation campaign with a huge cosmetic company that's had celebrities such as Beyoncé and Eva Longoria, and her own Wikipedia page. Oh, and let's not forget to point out that she isn't even 18 yet.

So the lessons to learn here are the next time you go to cheer on your favorite sports team, you should make sure your face paint is pure perfection. And your hair. If Despiegelaere can manage to stay frizz-free in the sweltering Brazilian heat, you can too. You go, girl!