New 'This Is Where I Leave You' Poster Teases Some Classic Familial Dysfunction

The cast of the upcoming film This Is Where I Leave you is enough to get a lot of people ready and rearing to give this movie a chance. Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Connie Britton, Adam Driver, Jane Fonda? Hell yeah. Count me in. And as the new poster for This Is Where I Leave You reminds me, this is another family dramedy, Hollywood ensemble-style. If that's not tried and true, what is?

From giant CGI action blockbusters, to A-list buddy comedies, to sentimental Oscar bait, there are just some types of movies showbiz will try time and again. The ensemble family dramedy seems to be one of them. It might be the element of perceived safety in it: How can a movie chock-full of so many critically lauded powerhouses go wrong when you make them all related and force them to interact and laugh/cry at each other? The Family Stone, August: Osage County, and many more have attempted it, to varying success.

Now it's This Is Where I Leave You 's turn. The tagline, "Welcome home. Get uncomfortable" promises more of the same. But hey, this time Tina Fey's involved — and sometimes things are tried and true for a reason.

Image: Warner Bros.