"Pretty Girls Ugly Faces" Subreddit Reminds Us To Laugh At Ourselves

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thanks to Reddit, we now know that goats do parkour, pizza altruism is a thing, and that pretty girls love to make ugly faces. Oh yes, you read that last part right. There is, in fact, an entire subreddit dedicated to images of normally photogenic women contorting their faces into what appear to be their best Ursula from the Little Mermaid impressions. Not only is the thread hilarious, but after a couple scrolls you'll probably want to submit your own.

Distractify recently reported on the subreddit thread, titled "Pretty Girls Ugly Faces," which features side-by-side images of women (and a couple men) looking both attractive and ridiculous. There’s also an entire Tumblr account dedicated to the trend, in case Reddit isn’t your web-guilty-pleasure-of-choice.

The concept first caught wind in early 2013, but seeing as the photos are clearly a timeless form of comedy, they've continued trending ever since. Both the subreddit thread and the Tumblr account have remained active, and from the looks of it, won't be slowing down anytime soon. (So don't worry, you still have a chance to post a photo of your best quadruple chin on the Internet.)

Let’s get a taste of this, shall we? Here is a prime example of a pretty girl making an ugly face:

(The caption for this one: "This feels so right.")

Notice her attention to detail, how she focuses on creating as many chins as possible while almost (but not quite) crossing her eyes and flaring her nostrils. Take a moment to also recognize the contrast between the two photos, how she throws as much fierceness as possible into the first photo so as to put the sheer unattractiveness of the second into perspective.

Want to see more? Me too, let's do it:


Oh! And there's this:

Two for one:

For more images of pretty girls making ugly faces, or to submit your own, visit the Pretty Girls Ugly Face Subreddit or prettygirlsmakinguglyfaces.tumblr.com

Images: nosigna/Reddit, brittits/Reddit, ThisIsMyBFF/Reddit, summertime235/Reddit, ravien457/Reddit