The Coolest Pools In The World

by Caitlin White

When the temperatures start to hover in the 90s, any pool will likely do the trick. But if you're looking for spectacular, breathtaking pools that you'll want to dive into no matter what the temperature, well, then those might require some travel across the globe. Not that you'll mind, of course, because these pools are in amazing locations like Brazil, Italy, Indonesia, the Maldives. And yes, conveniently enough, a couple are even right here at home in the good old U.S. of A.

Some of the coolest pools in the world have stunning views of the ocean. Others, the city. Some are in world-famous hotels, and others are public pools or even right in the living rooms of a family's personal residence. This list has red pools, white pools, and pools that so perfectly match the ocean you can barely see them. From pools that create monsoons, to pools that have healing powers, to pools that put you face-to-face with dozens of kinds of sharks, to pools that just look so gosh darn pretty, these certainly will certainly have people jealous. So throw your swimsuit in a carry-on, and hop on a plane (or, if you're lucky, in the car) and check out the 17 coolest pools in the world.

17. The Tank at Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Golden Nugget is a legendary downtown Las Vegas hotel that has appeared in James Bond films and other classic movies. But its namesake massive golden nugget may be upstaged by it's incredible pool, complete with a translucent slide that brings riders through it's actual shark tank. Here's your chance to swim with sharks — and not get eaten.

16. Grace Santorini Hotel Pool in Santorini, Greece

If man-eating fish aren't your cup of tea, try a more serene experience in Greece. We dare you to take your eyes off the spectacular view of world-famous Caldera while you grab a cocktail and take a swim in the pool at the boutique Grace Santorini Hotel. Even better? Head up for a swim at sunset for a front-row seat.

15. The Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar Pool in the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco

Indoor pools are hard to compare to outdoor ones, but the pool in the Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar restaurant in San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel is an exception. Sip on tropical cocktails and enjoy its Asian cuisine, but watch out: It's been known to monsoon in the pool. (That's sure to make things more exciting.)

14. Water on the Water Pool at Grand Hotel Tremezzo in Tremezzo, Italy

Lake Como isn't just George Clooney's favorite vacation spot, it's also home to this unique floating pool that stretches out into the surface of the lake. For those who just don't want to swim in lake water, this is truly the best of both worlds.

13. The Red Pool at The Library in Koh Samui, Thailand

Don't adjust your glasses, this pool really is red. The Library hotel pool is tiled with mosaics in orange, yellow, and deep red to give it this totally different look. Probably not a pool you want to swim in if you've seen Psycho too many times, but pretty awesome nonetheless.

12. The Hanging Garden Ubud Pool in Payangan, Bali, Indonesia

At the epicenter of the Hanging Gardens property is a structurally incredible and world-famous pool. It's a split-level infinity pool against a wall of solidified volcanic ash, and its views of the jungle surrounding it mean its basically made for honeymooners.

11. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena Pool, Port de Sant Miguel, Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is known for its hard partying and luxury clubbing, but you wouldn't know it chilling out in one of the unique pools at the Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena, perched on an actual cliff 590 feet above sea level.

10. Skye Restaurant Pool at Hotel Unique in San Paolo, Brazil

Hotel Unique's name is highly appropriate, and that extends to its rooftop Skye bar and restaurant's pool. Don't want to escape the lounge atmosphere to hop in the water? No worries, the crimson red pool is fully equipped with an underwater sound system to make sure the party continues in the pool. Water, music, weird colors, and a view? Not bad at all.

9. Infinity Pool in Sands Skypark at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel & Casino

Stash away your beach clothes, because this incredible pool instead offers skyline views of the entire city. The pool is high in the sky on the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore, and it is massive, at nearly 500 feet across.

8. Alila Ubud Hotel Pool in Payangan, Bali, Indonesia

The pool at this Ubud villa resort is impossibly tranquil, surrounded by the lush greenery of Bali. It's frequently cited by guests as the absolute centerpiece of the resort, seemingly floating above the earth itself.

7. Badeschiff in Berlin, Germany

Badeschiff, or "bathing ship" in English, is exactly what it sounds like. It's an old barge that has been revamped into a public swimming hole for residents of Berlin. Because the East Harbour section of the River Spree has been polluted to the point where it is unsafe for swimming, people looking to escape the summer heat can swim in this pool that rests atop the river. Truly a cool pool for us ordinary people.

6. Infinity Pool at One&Only Resort in Reethi Rah, Maldives

At first glance, the infinity lap pool at the One&Only resort in the Maldives seems like it's just part of the turquoise ocean itself. After checking out this pool, you'll wonder why you even need a private one. (Because yes, many the hotel's suites have private pools, too.)

5. Chongwe River House pool in Lower Zambezi, Chiawa Conservancy, Zambia

The picture says it all: You can see elephants (!!) and other fauna while you relax in the pool at the Chongwe River House. The elephants enjoy their time in the water, while you enjoy yours. Now this is how you go on safari.

4. Pool at Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Grindavík, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon pool isn't your ordinary swimming hole. First, it's naturally occuring. Second, it supposedly has healing powers for skin diseases from its mineral-rich geothermal waters. That means it's hot-tub hot, at around 98-104 degrees Fahrenheit, all year round. And though the water looks blue, it's actually milky white if you pour it into a clear container.

3. Living Room Pool at Personal Residence in Chelsea, New York City

Lots of historic houses in New York City have quirky features, but the house at 232 West 15th Street in Chelsea might take the cake. The homeowners built an indoor pool smack dab in the middle of their living room. I bet they're a hit with parties.

2. Shaw House Pool in Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada isn't known for having the best pools in the world, but one intrepid home-builder decided to change that. This very narrow home in Vancouver has a lap-swimming pool running the entire west side of the structure. It's clear bottom allows light through, but from above, it has views of the Vancouver skyline.

1. The Crystal Lagoon at San Alfonso del Mar Resort in Chile

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In the end, only the Crystal Lagoon at the San Algonso del Mar Resort in Chile can hold the title of World's Largest Swimming Pool. The mega-pool holds 66 million gallons of water and is the size of 20 Olympic swimming pools. But it's not just for swimming — you can also kayak and even sail boats in it. Now that is truly a swimming pool.