CW's 'Seed' Is a Family Comedy All About, Um, Sperm

Are you missing a dose of TV comedy to go along with your summer sunshine? If you've already binge-watched the entirety of 30 Rock this summer and really can't stomach another episode of Undateable, then The CW might have you covered. The CW is airing the Canadian series Seed , and it might just be the oddball comedy we need to inject some funny back into our DVR — but you'll have to tune in to find out.

So what is Seed actually about? For starters, it's a very, uh, new kind of family sitcom. Seed focuses on bartender and eternal bachelor, Harry, whose world gets turned upside down when the nine-year-old result of his sperm bank submission shows up looking for a dad. It turns out that Billy isn't Harry's only biological child — not only does he have a rebellious teenage daughter on his hands, but he also has a new baby on the way.

The parents of Harry's biological children aren't particularly thrilled to learn that their "Princeton graduate" sperm donor (don't lie on those applications, folks) is pouring shots and sleeping on a futon, but given their kids' connection to Harry, they have no choice but to stick around and hope that this guy grows up. (If Seed's plot sounds familiar to you, you aren't going crazy — the recent Vince Vaughn film Delivery Man has a very similar premise.)

Seed stars a mostly Canadian cast of relative unknowns, including Adam Korson as Harry, Carrie-Lynn Neales as Rose, the newest "baby momma," and Covert Affairs actress Amanda Brugel as one of Billy's moms, who is less than enthusiastic about Harry's new role in her son's life.

Degrassi fans will be excited to know that, as with many Canadian television series, Seed also features some Degrassi alum. Degrassi fan favorite Dylan Everett (RIP Cam!) makes an appearance on the first season of the series. Laura de Carteret, who plays the family therapist on the sitcom, also had a stint on the show as Mrs. Clarke. Even star Korson had a bit role on the Canadian tween drama — you may remember him as "Male Customer" in the episode "High Fidelity."

(You do you, Dylan Everett.)

Prior to its time on The CW, Seed aired on Canadian channel City, which renewed the series for a second season. If Seed does well this summer for The CW, the network can option the second season to air in the United States.

Check out the trailer below and decide if you should give this comedy a chance.

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Images: The CW; kswhateverspace, campbellsaunders/tumblr