Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Have Allegedly Been Hooking Up Since 2011 Even Though We Never Noticed

The world is still consumed with thoughts of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez's hookup, which took us all by surprise since we hadn't even known that the two of them knew each other. While they're having the world's most awesome Italian vacation and making all of us unsure who we're more jealous of, it appears that their affection for each other goes back further than we thought. According to The Hollywood Life, Efron and Rodriguez have been hooking up since 2011 and I guess we all just never noticed.

Admittedly, we never noticed them building a friendship to begin with, which might give the story a bit more credibility. However, that's pretty much the only amount of credibility we can give the story, which sites an US Weekly article that doesn't appear to exist and an anonymous source of vague closeness to the situation. If it was true, however, it would explain a lot, like why we've never seen them out together before and why they're now on vacation together like they've been friends for years.

Besides, we didn't realize that Eva Mendes was seven months pregnant, so it's not like we're an observant bunch. Still, how likely is it that Efron and Rodriguez had time to maintain a friends with benefits situation for the last three years? They've both been romantically linked with other people in that time.

Teresa Palmer

Efron was romantically linked to Teresa Palmer in 2011, not long after his 2010 breakup with Vanessa Hudgens. He was spotted getting cozy with her at a reception from her film Take Me Home Tonight and later a nightclub and everyone knows "getting cozy" is media speak for "they were practically on top of each other". However, Palmer later slammed the idea that anything was going on between her and Efron, which would have been a perfect time for him to swoop Michelle Rodriguez into his buff arms, I guess.

Alexandra Storm

In 2012, Efron was next linked to model Alexandra Storm, with whom he was photographed cuddling at a café in Monte Carlo. This was another rumored romantic entanglement that didn't appear to actually go anywhere, but, man, would they have been a beautiful couple.

Lily Collins

It's generally accepted news that Lily Collins was Efron's first official girlfriend after his split from Vanessa Hudgens in 2010. The two were spotted holding hands in Disneyland in 2013 and then followed that up with a movie date that basically confirmed what the whole world was thinking — this was a thing. However, the two were pretty much donezo by 2014.

Halston Sage

Efron was rumored to be dating his Neighbors co-star Halston Sage until the pictures of his Italian vacation with Rodriguez came to light and killed that rumor dead.

Cara Delevingne

In the three year time since she allegedly first met and started hooking up with Efron, Rodriguez has only been romantically connected to model Cara Delevingne. In fact, though there had been reports that their relationship was on the rocks, we all thought they were still "on" until Rodriguez was revealed to be with Efron now. With all of these relationships, rumored and confirmed, I'm really not seeing how Rodriguez and Efron would have had the time or energy to be hooking up for three years, sorry.

Image: Getty Images