Ryan Gosling & Russell Crowe to Star in 'Nice Guys', But What Role Should Gosling Play?

It's time to take a break from counting how many days it's been since you found out that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are having a baby. At this stage, I think we're all capable of getting out of bed without needing help and a box of tissues, but for those who still need a reason to leave the house in a world where Ryan Gosling will never be theirs, then get ready to go to the theater. Warner Bros. has closed a deal to be the North American distributer of Nice Guys starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, because you can still see the Gos on the silver screen and not just in your dreams.

Nice Guys centers around "a private detective and a beefcake who search for a missing porn star and uncover an underground ring of corruption" in the 1970s. Anyone who has ever seen Gangster Squad or The Notebook can tell you exactly how damn good Ryan Gosling looks in those period appropriate suits and slacks, so the fact that he's circling the lead role in a film set in the 1970s should set a million hearts a'flutter.

There's no word yet on whether Ryan Gosling will be playing the private detective or the beefcake, but, honestly, he's basically a shoe-in for both.

Private Detective: He can rock a fedora.

In this particular image, Gosling's Jerry Wooters is actually committing a crime, but, hey, sometimes being a private detective means breaking the law and looking really, really good in hats.

Beefcake: He looks like he's been Photoshopped.

If we're lucky, maybe he won't wear a shirt during at least one scene in Nice Guys either. If we're really lucky, the beefcake never wears shirts indoors ever at all.

Private Detective: He has a low and sultry voice, but can really make use of a silence.

Ryan Gosling's unnamed character in Drive only said 937 words in the entire film. Nothing would make a suspect sweat more than staring at them like that and using your few words to powerful effect.

Beefcake: Look at his face.

Seriously. Look at it. How is he a real person?

Private Detective: He's got a perfect little smirk.

Noah Calhoun from The Notebook was basically everyone's perfect man, but those little smirks really put him over the edge into way-too-sexy-dom.

Beefcake: He got Eva Mendes pregnant.

Oops. Too soon? Well, it doesn't matter which role he's playing because you know you're going to watch the movie anyway, right?

Image: Giphy (4); Rebloggy (1); gifs-rp/Tumblr