11 Emotions Benedict Cumberbatch Will Make You Feel at Comic Con

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This is just proof that if you dare to dream, your dreams may very well come true. Variety reports that Benedict Cumberbatch is scheduled to appear at Comic Con in San Diego, meaning that you — yes, you — have the possibility of seeing Cumberbatch's corporeal being. Might you be able to touch him? Might you be able to whisper five words to him? And maybe — maybe — you'll even be able to take a picture with him and capture the moment forever, regaling The One Time You Saw Benedict Cumberbatch for 10 Seconds for the rest of your life.

So what's Cumbie doing at Comic Con, other than granting you opportunities to fantasize about running towards him in slow motion? He'll be promoting DreamWorks' upcoming film, The Penguins of Madagascar, and there's a chance he might also stick around to chat about The Hobbit: The Battle of The Five Armies. And then he will return to fulfilling your wildest dreams.

But let's say you actually did have the opportunity to sojourn out to San Diego for Comic Con. What would happen? These are the likely stages of seeing Cumberbatch at Comic Con...

Fighting The Large Pack of Other Cumber-fans To See him

Coming Up With Something Witty To Say About Sherlock

Quieting The Impulse To Ask About His Girlfriend

IT'S NOT REAL. IT'S NOT REAL. It's...it's very, very real.

Trying to come up with a funny idea for a meme or GIF involving The Penguins of Madagascar and Benedict Cumberbatch.

He is the King of Memes, GIFs, and weird Internet stuff, after all.

Wondering if this is all a meme dream, and if you're trapped inside of a computer.

If this is a lie, then it be a lie forever.

Realizing you're sweating profusely.

ANXIETY, okay?

Applying deodorant in public.


Seeing Benedict from a distance.

Running to him in slow mo.

Cue "Chariots of Fire."

He's Getting Closer...



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