Christmas Came Early in Rosewood

by Rosie Narasaki

Christmas may be half a year away, but it looks like the denizens of Rosewood are already gearing up for the big holiday: according to a few Instagrams posted by series showrunner I. Marlene King, Christmas is coming to the Pretty Little Liars set right There's a whole lot of fake snow, at least.

And guess what? This isn't going to come as a surprise, but Rosewoodians seem to take to Christmas with an almost unnatural sartorial aplomb. There are no starched collars ready for Christmas mass, unfortunate jumpers on the way to Great Aunt Rosa's, or ill-fitting Christmas Eve cocktail dresses within a ten-mile radius of the town. No, as per usual, they're cool as cucumbers.

Christmas may not be as big a deal as, say, Halloween for the drama-laden town (last year's turn-of-the-century garb was truly spectacular — especially Hanna's Titanic-esque number) but it looks like they still take their Yuletide cheer fairly seriously.

No word on Spencer or Aria yet (I'm forecasting a ruby red cardigan and red and green plaid mini-skirt respectively), but we did get to see Hanna, Emily, and Paige's outfits — so let's take a look:


Lindsey Shaw looks absolutely adorable in a green puffer vest — and to quote showrunner King, she's totally "rockin the holiday scarf." Also, if she's still around by Christmas... does this mean there's hope for Paily? Many have jumped ship (as it were) in favor of Emison, but Paily still has its loyal supporters.


I honestly can't tell if she's wearing that shirt ironically or not — but either way, she's working it.


To steal a caption from I. Marlene King: "A little edge for the holidays." On a side note, I think we should all wear studded cardigans for Christmas this year.


Because we could all use a little more Tyler J. Blackburn in our lives.

Images: imarleneking/Instagram