Rihanna Might Be Going Dance on New Album

Despite my anguished cries, pop princess Rihanna has yet to share any information about her upcoming eighth studio album with her fans — she's way too busy wearing see-through dresses and giving concert-goers awkward, half-hearted lap dances. Luckily for desperate stans like me, however, a songwriter has just spilled some new details about the forthcoming project, and they're very exciting, indeed. Finally, we may have our first hint of what to expect from Rihanna's new LP!

In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Canadian singer-songwriter Kiesza revealed that Rihanna has recorded "two or three" of her songs, presumably for the new album. Relatively new on the music scene, Kiesza's debut single, "Hideaway," a catchy, '90s-influenced dance track, went No. 1 in the United Kingdom back in April. Now, the song's starting to get some radio airplay in the United States, too. Kiesza's just-released second single, "Giant In My Heart," is also a '90s throwback anthem.

Rihanna already showed us with "Only Girl (In the World), "We Found Love," and "Where Have You Been" that she's more than capable of playing the part of "dance diva" — will she be going for a classic club sound on her new album, similar to Kiesza? It certainly seems possible. After all, house music is in the midst of making a big comeback right now, both in the United States and overseas. Just look at Disclosure's "Latch" and Clean Bandit's "Rather Be," for instance.

Kiesza told Digital Spy that she doesn't write tracks for specific artists anymore, because she felt as though it took away from her writing. Instead, she prefers to just let people peruse her work until they find something that speaks to them. Speaking about one of the songs that Rihanna chose to record, Kiesza said:

The one that Rihanna has cut is one that I never in a million years expected her to pick out, so it was super interesting. It just shows that people want to evolve and try new things.

Always evolving and trying new things — that's my Rih! Of course, there's no telling whether or not Kiesza's tracks will make the final cut for the new album, but I hope that they do — I'm anxious to hear Rihanna's vocals over a cool, minimal house beat. But let's be honest: I would listen to Rih sing the Starr Report. Actually... that might be pretty entertaining. "They found love in the Oval Office, they found looove in the Oooval Office..."

Let's all cross our fingers that Rihanna ends her silence regarding her eighth studio album very soon. I'm losing my patience.

Image: humorinrecovery/Tumblr