Rihanna's Audience Member Lap Dance Is Painfully Awkward for You & for Him — VIDEO

You wouldn't think that a person like Rihanna, who routinely wears nightgowns and completely sheer dresses in public with the confidence of someone with the title Empress of the Universe, could be the most awkward thing you've seen all week. But Rihanna's lap dance for an audience member might be even more awkward than that time Victoria Beckham sat next to Samuel L. Jackson at Wimbledon. It was very uncomfortable, you guys.

Here's what happened: Rihanna was performing in a concert, as one does when one is an incredibly successful singer, and at one point she pulled a fan onto the stage. He was a young man who did not know what was coming for him, and he was thrilled/nervous/turned on as any human being raunchily serenaded by Rihanna would be. Then Rihanna climbed on top of him. He seemed confused and probably extremely overwhelmed because Rihanna was on top of him. Everyone was watching, and presumably, they were just as uncomfortable.

It's not exactly surprising that Rihanna mounted a fan at a concert — it's not like her music's all prim and proper and avoids the concept of sex. It's kind of built on raunch. Besides, she's already proved that she's the opposite of Avril Lavigne and very willing to touch fans.

But it's just so... awkward. Like, it kind of makes me want to go back and watch Hugh Jackman gave Barbara Walters a lap dance again just to erase it from my memory. And that's saying something.

For your convenience, here is Rihanna's lap dance video followed by Hugh Jackman's. You're welcome.