Mia Maestro From 'The Strain' Is Much More Than A Vampire Hunter

Love vampires, but hate when they are all Twilight and glitter? Have no fear, FX has got you covered with the new Guillermo del Toro series The Strain . I can't wait to catch the dramatic horror series (those billboards are already creeping me out in a good way). We're especially looking forward to new star Mia Maestro. But who is she, and what is the show and her character all about?

Her character Dr. Nora Martinez is pulled straight from del Toro's Strain novel series. As reported by Deadline, del Toro imagined the story as a television series to begin with, but couldn't sell the idea, so his agent suggested he publish it as a series of novels instead. I hope the adaptation will maintain her character's feminist fire, as the book has her trying to uncover the vampire conspiracy without being trampled by a boy's club of would-be heroes.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Maestro confirms the character will maintain her strength (though I'm not sure how I feel about Access Hollywood implying girly-girls can't be smart in said interview). While Maestro might not exactly be a household name, you've definitely seen her around. The Argentinian actress is most famous for her role as field agent Nadia Santos in Alias. You've also seen her shaking up the big screen in films about prominent Latin historical figures like The Motorcycle Diaries and Frida as well as big budget Hollywood pictures like Poseidon. She also appeared in a Prince video directed by Frida co-star Salma Hayek, "Te Amo Corazón." Maestro is an artist herself; her EP Blue-Eyed Sailor debuted in 2012.

Mia Maestro on YouTube

The video for the single was funded through a now expired Kickstarter, highlighting the artistic efforts behind the pattern-porn final product, including a collaboration with Academy Award winning cinematographer Guillermo Navarro who also worked on del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. The Kickstarter is still worth a gander, if only to drool over the amazing rewards that are no longer available, such as patterned items from the video and a private concert from Maestro.

No stranger to the vampire genre, Maestro also lent her musical talents to The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn; the soundtrack featured a song from her album Llovera. Maestro also appeared in both Breaking Dawn movies as Carmen.

Aside from being a multi-media artistic badass, Maestro is absolutely adorable on Twitter, alternately throwing her support behind a favorite World Cup team or treating fans to some behind the scenes goodness.

We'll see a lot more of Maestro in The Strain, as the strong and smart Dr. Martinez, but I hope she's not facing the worm-in-eye fate plastered across the series' posters.