'True Detective' Season 2 With Taylor Kitsch? Here's Why That's Not Such a Crazy Idea

Forget everything you thought you knew. On Tuesday, the Huffington Post revealed that the True Detective Season 2 leads would be announced "within a week," and the Internet tweaked. After so much speculation — Jessica Chastain rumors and Matthew McConaughey conspiracy theories — the biggest rumor of all just hit. No, I don't mean that Colin Farrell is in talks to star — I mean that Friday Night Lights' and The Normal Heart's Taylor Kitsch might also star in True Detective Season 2. And, well, it makes absolutely perfect sense.

The Wrap reports that, even though an HBO spokesperson to the site that "there's no news to confirm on the casting," Kitsch is being considered to play the younger male lead. Reportedly, HBO is looking for a "true movie star" to fill the older lead role and if Colin Farrell can fill that, it leaves the floor wide open for Kitsch. The 33-year-old actor is having an unbelievable year making him the perfect candidate to star alongside Farrell.

After breaking back into Hollywood with Lone Survivor in 2013, the actor went on to star in HBO's flawless The Normal Heart, where he proved that he's more than Tim Riggins. (Even though we'd love him even if he never left Dillon, TX.) Still wondering why he's perfect for this part — let me convince you.

He's Got HBO Ties & The Great Peter Berg Behind Him

The most indisputable fact working for Kitsch here is that he KILLED it in his role in The Normal Heart, so why wouldn't HBO want him back for more? On top of that, however, is that the great mind behind FNL, Berg, who also worked with Kitsch on Lone Survivor, is currently working on The Leftovers with HBO. Do I smell a FNL/True Detective Season 2 reunion? Yes, yes I do.

It's His Year

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kitsch is making his comeback after falling short with John Carter and Battleship. If 2013 was the McConaissance, 2014 would be Taylor Kitsch Comeback Tour if he lands True Detective. And I think I can speak for everyone, including HBO, when I say that we ALL want that.

He'll Be Able To Share The Spotlight With Farrell

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HBO wants a movie star in one of these roles, which is great and Farrell will absolutely be able to handle the "rugged and gritty" criteria. Which leaves two roles unfilled, one of which, is believed to be that of a younger male lead. Kitsch's already proven this year that he can share the spotlight with the best of them and still shine in his own right, with the ensembles of Normal Heart and Lone Survivor, so HBO can trust that he'll do it again.

He Looks Ready

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You've got to be kidding me, right? This photo of Kitsch from Palm Springs' International ShortFest on June 20 has True Detective all over it. I'm pretty sure that Matthew McConaughey wore that exact shirt in Season 1. Just saying.

Tim Riggins

Let us not forget that Tim Riggins has exhibited a strong sense of integrity when he went to jail for his brother on FNL. And, well, since he went to jail — he's had exposure to criminals. I know this isn't "Tim Riggins for #TrueDetectiveSeason2," but that has to count for something, right?

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