Angelina Jolie's Lawsuit Against the Daily Mail For Publishing Heroin Video Is The Right Move

I believe this is the perfect situation for me to use the phrase "you go girl" completely unironically. According to Jezebel, Angelina Jolie is suing the Daily Mail for privacy violation after they published a video supposedly taken 15 years ago by a man who claims he was Jolie's drug dealer during a darker period of her life. The report of Jolie's lawsuit comes from the Times of London , and it also states that Jolie is calling the publishing of the video a "gross violation of her privacy."

From Gawker :

The 1999 video was originally leaked to the National Enquirer by a former drug dealer named Franklin Meyer, who says he was at Jolie's apartment to drop off heroin and cocaine. The Mail ran the footage attaching their own logo to it, under the headline, "Bloodshot hollow eyes, emaciated arms and rambling on the phone: Haunting video of Angelina Jolie the heroin addict."

Yikes. Jolie, who has revealed her past drug use in numerous interviews before, isn't alone in her hatred of the Daily Mail this week either — George Clooney recently published two scathing pieces ripping apart the British tabloid after they posted a story alleging that his fiancé's mother disapproved of Amal Alamuddin's marriage to him on "religious grounds." Obviously, this story is not true, and Clooney wasted no time calling them out on it.

I'm extremely happy to hear that celebrities are taking a stand against the utter crap that tabloids will post online and run in magazines simply for readers; Jolie is making the right move by suing, because she's right, this is an invasion of her privacy. In the video, she was clearly in her own home, having a private conversation on the phone with her father, Jon Voight — despite how open she's been with her past struggles with drugs, there's no excuse for posting a video like this just to make headlines. It's low, and just plain trashy.

The Daily Mail has yet to respond to the lawsuit.