Azealia Banks Leaves Universal & She's Definitely Making The Right Move

In news that's about as rare as a Comet Hale-Bop sighting, Azealia Banks made headlines for a tweet that doesn't direct angry insults towards other celebrities, musicians, management, bloggers or any of the other numerous people she's argued with online. In fact, the tweet was celebratory in nature and announced that Azealia Banks is no longer signed to Universal Music. The "212" rapper was super excited to share the news of the parting of the ways, which was all sweet with no sign of sorrow. "IM ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE BIG SURPRISE!!!!!," Banks tweeted.

According to an SOS tweet Banks allegedly posted requesting to be bought out of her deal last January, that social media cry for help indicates that her newfound label-free status marks the end of an ongoing dispute that dates back at least a year and a half ago. If that is in fact, true, it shows that Banks's relationship with Universal was possibly rocky for most of her time there, considering she signed with the label in January of 2012.

Fortunately for the feisty rapper, not being attached to a major record label might actually work better for her. Obviously, Banks agrees:

Now that she's "free at last," maybe a complete album of Azealia Banks music will finally see the light of day — even if its not Broke With Expensive Taste, Banks' ill-fated debut album that was constantly sidelined by setbacks, much to the dismay of her fans who have anxiously awaited a full Banks record for the past couple of years.

If Banks's tweet about being a "cool indie chick" actually is the direction she intends to take with her music career, then I'd say she's on to something. Signing with a major label means someone else calls all the shots. That, in turn, requires conformity, which is something that obviously doesn't suit Banks. If she goes the indie route, she can have it her way. This could possibly lead to more trouble, but if things don't work out, it'll be quite interesting to see Banks have a Twitter feud with herself.