Seattle's Only Legal Weed Shop, Cannabis City, Is Out of Pot Already, But Don't Panic Yet

Ok, take a deep breath. It's true: Seattle's only weed shop has sold out of pot. Yes, it's only been running since Tuesday. Yes, they had 4,990 grams of the good stuff to legally sell to Washington's lucky stoners. And yes, that has now all gone. But everything will be fine, I promise — the store plans to reopen by July 21. That's just over a week! Nine days! That's noth—wait, where have you gone?

On Thursday evening, Cannabis City — Seattle's (somewhat misleadingly named) 620-square-foot legal marijuana store — ran out of its supply. After an overwhelmingly bustling Tuesday, the shop's last two grams were sold for $46.77 (with tax), and Cannabis City was forced to temporarily close its doors. Which means that's that for legal weed in Seattle, at least for now. "We knew it was coming,” said James Lathrop, the owner of Cannabis City. “We didn’t have any guaranteed additional deliveries.”

If you're wondering why Seattle only has one legal marijuana dispensary, I'm sure you're not alone — many other Seattle residents are probably looking at their waning stash and asking the same question. What it comes down to is the superstrict system that was approved by voters back in November 2012, which meant that only 25 licenses were issued to pot shops across the state. And the number of dispensaries in a given county was pretty much a matter of chance, The New York Times reported.

Making matters worse? As the Wire points out, the licenses to actually grow weed weren't given out till March — as it takes roughly three to four months for pot to fully flourish, that just hasn't given a lot of time to the state's approved green-thumbs. Less than 100 growers were given licenses, only about 12 were ready to start growing straight off the bat. “We have been hearing from retailers off the hook. My voicemail is full every single day,” said Susy Wilson, who works at a local supplier called Wow Weed. “It’s the same people calling over and over, hoping I’ll pull something out of thin air.”

If nine days is just too long, though, there are other options, and ones that don't involve going to Colorado (quite a few of them, in fact. For instance, Washington's Lacey area just opened a new dispensary Friday evening). Or you could just take matters into your own hands and enroll at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis — it's now accepting applications for its very first class of students.