Happy Birthday, Chipotle! Here are 9 Margarita, Michelada, and Sangria Recipes to Celebrate

There are two things in life that thrill us most. The first is watching Argentina and Germany battle it out for World Cup glory. The second is ripping foil off a Chipotle burrito.

You know the feeling: after a long day, no one gets you like an oversized tortilla stuffed with all that is right in this world. The one thing that could possibly make it better? Something boozy to wash it down with. Sure, some of us are lucky enough to live near a Chipotle with a liquor license. If that’s you, by all means, grab a Patron margarita and get down with your burrito self. As for the rest of us, let’s get creative.

As you unwrap the magic that is a Chipotle burrito (or bowl, or taco...we don’t judge), we rounded up classic drinks from south of the border to take your feasting to the next level. And since it’s Chipotle’s 21st anniversary today — it’s legal! — there’s no better time to pour one out in honor of your favorite, foil-wrapped creation. Here’s to you, Chipotle. Thanks for making our weekday lunches and hangovers a little bit brighter.

Image: HonestlyYUM

Chicken Burrito & a Margarita

You’re a classic burrito eater. You want the grilled chicken, the cheese, maybe a little salsa — but you like things the way they were meant to be. Which, obviously, is with a margarita. Take your burrito home and pair it with a perfect glass from HonestlyYUM.

Image: HonestlyYUM

Extra Guac & a Paloma

Like your burritos with an extra heaping of guacamole? Hey, no shame there. Make sure you have a hearty cocktail to match, like Cookie and Kate’s paloma, which gets its kick from serrano peppers.

Image: Cookie and Kate

Extra Salsa & a Rumchata

We’re all for a little fire — but trust us, if you’re going for the Tomatilla Hot Salsa, you’ll want something to cool you off after. Enter the rumchata, a boozy twist on rice-based horchata. Savory Simple breaks it down.

Image: Savory Simple

Steak Tacos & Strawberry Agua Fresca

Feel like channeling street fare today? Pair your tacos with a refreshing strawberry lime agua fresca from Good Life Eats.

Image: Good Life Eats


Carnitas Burrito & a Michelada

We love tequila as much as the next person, but if you’re having carnitas, you’re going to need a beer — and that’s where the michelada comes in. HonestlyYUM keeps things simple with just salt, chili, and lime.

Image: HonestlyYUM

Barbacoa Bowl & a Habanero Margarita

Shaking things up with a burrito bowl? While you’re being adventurous, throw some strawberries and habanero into your margarita, à la Heather Christo.

Image: Heather Christo

Chicken Bowl & a Sangria

We know your type. You like your wholesome grilled chicken, but you want it piled prettily on a bed of rice and lettuce. Pair your bowl with an equally elegant sangria, courtesy of The Messy Baker.

Image: The Messy Baker

Steak Salad & a Sangria Slushie

What, no carbs? If you must keep things light and refreshing for summer, turn your sangria into a slushie. Katie at the Kitchen Door shows us how.

Image: Katie at the Kitchen Door

Barbacoa Tacos & Tamarind Tequila

This is for your next no-holds-barred, south-of-the-border feast. And if you’re going big with barbacoa, don’t hold back on the tequila, either. HonestlyYUM infuses theirs with tangy tamarind.

Image: HonestlyYUM