Tracy Morgan Released From Rehab & Is Now Heading Home, One Month After Tragic Car Crash

After a little under a month-long stint at a physical rehabilitation center to recuperate from his injuries, comedian Tracy Morgan is finally headed home — amazing news, considering the road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one for the 45-year-old star, following the June 7 New Jersey Turnpike car crash that claimed the life of his friend, comedian James McNair, and left Morgan in critical condition. This news comes after reports that Morgan is suing Walmart in connection with the crash, as it was one of their trucks that hit the vehicle Morgan was riding in with his group.

Morgan's rep, Lewis Kay, released a statement confirming the report and revealed that Morgan will continue to undergo treatment at his home. Kay also requested that his client’s privacy be respected while he continues to recover from his injuries, which included a broken leg and femur.

Tracy has been released from the rehabilitation center and will continue his recovery efforts at home with an aggressive outpatient program. He asked me to pass along his sincerest gratitude to everyone who has helped him get to this point. He would also like some privacy during this crucial point in his recovery…

As for the lawsuit — Morgan reportedly recently filed it against Walmart for their role in the crash, calling them “careless and negligent," as it was their driver, Kevin Roper, who plowed into Morgan’s vehicle and several others. The company has vowed to “do the right thing,” regarding the matter.

Our thoughts are with Morgan as he continues on his road to recovery.