He'll Probably Need Metatron's Help in Season 10

by Keertana Sastry

It's not just the Winchester boys who can't catch a break. In the Season 9 finale of Supernatural , Castiel successfully broke the angel tablet that gave Metatron his power and locked the rogue angel away in Heaven's dungeon, rather than letting him get killed by the angels he tried to manipulate. But in the midst of all of this triumph, Castiel discovers that the grace he stole from a fellow angel is depleting. If Castiel cannot get his own grace back, he will die. Not the best way to start off a new chapter in heaven. The biggest worry for Castiel now is can he even get his grace back?

Now for those who need a little refresher, Castiel lost his grace when he was tricked by Metatron into thinking he was completing the trials of Heaven which, according to the big bad angel, would seal off Heaven. Unfortunately, Castiel unknowingly completed two steps of a spell that actually expels angels from Heaven. The third piece of the spell came from Metatron extracting Castiel's grace from his body and then sending the now human Castiel down to Earth with the rest of the angelic population.

Since Misha Collins is returning to Supernatural as a series regular next season, we can assume that Castiel will be around and searching for his grace for most of Season 10. So if there is a chance Castiel can get his grace back, how on earth does he do it? And what will happen to him while he is on the search for answers next season?

The most obvious start on the search for Castiel's grace is to visit Metatron in the Heaven dungeon, as he is the one who extracted it in the first place. But knowing Sam, Dean, and Castiel, they won't want to see that horrible angel anytime soon. Sam will immediately go straight to the Men of Letters library to attempt to find anything about the original spell Metatron completed and see if there is a way to retrieve the grace used to bring down the angels from above. But if it were that easy, it wouldn't be Supernatural.

Now that Team Free Will has Demon Dean on their team, he will probably want to talk to Crowley to see if the King of Hell has any ideas on the matter. I'm not sure why he would know anything, but somehow he does seem to always have answers when the Winchesters need them. Could Crowley know where the ingredients of a spell go when they are used for their purpose? Or perhaps Crowley will know how Castiel can hang on to the depleting grace he already has for as long as possible, almost like saving the battery on your phone.

While all of this sounds like a good start, the most important task on Team Free Will's agenda will probably be to turn Dean back into a human. Castiel has already done so much for the Winchesters that it wouldn't be surprising if he continues fighting for them, even while losing his angel grace. At the Jus In Bello convention, Misha Collins hinted at Castiel's willingness to sacrifice everything for Sam and Dean. Considering his track record with those two, Castiel will probably suffer for a long time with his problem just so he can help out Dean in his time of need.

But as I said before, the most obvious choice will be to talk to Metatron. Still, it's not an easy one as Season 9's big bad angel will most likely be unwilling to help Castiel and the Winchesters with anything, though he will probably get a kick out of seeing Dean as a demon. And there's no way Metatron won't rub Castiel's problem in his face. In fact, he probably knew this would happen and was just biding his time for the moment Castiel would have to return to him for help.

Team Free Will is going to have to make it worth Metatron's time, which could result in the angel getting set free from the dungeon. But perhaps they could banish him or leave him without his grace. It would be great to see Metatron get a taste of his own medicine.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; thecupcakenews/Tumblr; Rebloggy