"I'm So Hungry" Iggy Azalea Parody Is An Absolutely Adorable Must Watch Whether You're Celebrating Ramadan or Not

While the rest of are enjoying the long days of summer (and perhaps celebrating Chipotle's birthday), Muslims around the world are currently celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, which means no eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset. Needless to say, this can be a challenge during the long days of summer, but filmmaker Heidi Naguib puts a humorous take on the experience in her music video "I'm So Hungry," a parody of Iggy Azalea's popular jam "Fancy." And of all the parody videos of the song that are already out there, this is clearly the one the world has been waiting for, for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The video is lighthearted and fun, remixing the original lyrics with a Muslim twist, from substituting "habibi" for "baby" to giving a whole new meaning to the line "drop it low and pick it up." Naguib told The Huffington Post, "As a Muslim American filmmaker, I strive to bring Muslim Americans, and their experiences, into the mainstream media, as a way to shatter stereotypes. Using comedy and storytelling is an excellent way to shatter cultural and religious barriers and cast a positive light on Muslim Americans."

And the video certainly succeeds in that goal. The whole thing is charming from start to finish, and guaranteed to make you crave Middle Eastern food — so if you're celebrating Ramadan, maybe wait until after iftar to check it out.

Heidi Naguib on YouTube