Juicy Couture Planning Their Comeback, But Here Are 5 Tracksuits You Can Wear Until The Velour Revival

The fate of the velour tracksuit came to a sad close this month with the news the Juicy Couture would be closing up shop in the United States to create a more affordable line. Thankfully, a light has already been found at the end of the tunnel as Authentic Brands, the new owner of Juicy Couture, has hinted at a revival overseas. Authentic Brands is currently looking to open up stores in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and China. This international growth is meant to be the start of new success in the United States. Authentic Brands plans to eventually open stores in L.A. and New York City with a range of new products in an attempt to refresh the brand.

Fans of the beloved pastel-colored tracksuits can now breathe a heavy sigh of relief with hope on the horizon for all things comfy and cute. There are no set dates for this change of events, and, of course, no solid guarantee of success either. So while you sit and wait for the comeback of Juicy Couture, I have pulled together a few alternatives to your Juicy sweats. They may not have the look and feel of luscious velour, but they are still just as cozy and casual as tracksuits were meant to be.


When talking tracksuits, it's hard to ignore the likes of Victoria's Secret and Victoria's Secret Pink. These two brands have reestablished the look in the most adorable of ways possible.


This look is a tad more sporty than a Juicy tracksuit, but that doesn't mean it isn't crazy comfortable. Besides, more and more brands today are taking the lounging look to the streets with on-trend styles and materials so you can run and walk while looking like a million bucks.


From the moment it became popular, many brands were ready to copy Juicy Couture's take on sweats. From the material to the intricate details, almost every company was looking to make a buck, which you can still find on many clearance racks across the country.


For those of you that want to take your tracksuit right to the streets, this playful take on causal wear is bound to make you happy. Incorporating PVC accents and a zipper instead of a drawstring raises the stakes on this style statement.


Of course, no list of tracksuits is complete without a look back at the always classic Adidas two-piece tracksuit. Channel your inner Missy Elliot as you hip-hop down the street in this definite addition to sportswear.

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