Guess Who He's Excited To Hang Out With?

by Loretta Donelan

James Franco and Lana Del Ray have been hanging out, and it's been extremely well-documented on social media. Franco seems particularly excited about the friendship, captioning the above photo "LANA LANA LANA (My new friend)." Some have speculated that Lana Del Rey and James Franco are hooking up or even dating. And it would make sense. The two would make the ultimate hipster celebrity pair: Both are super attractive stars with not-so-hidden dark sides. On the other hand, the world could explode from too high a concentration of pseudo-intellectual brooding.

Apparently, Del Ray and her sister attended a Broadway performance of Of Mice and Men in which Franco is currently starring. She loved it (according to Franco, of course), and the pair seem to have been hanging out ever since. Last we knew, Del Ray was seeing Italian director Francesco Carrozzini. But, who knows? Franco definitely seems smitten; he'd posted about his admiration before they started hanging out. And Del Rey, who rarely uses Instagram, posted a photo of herself with her sister and Franco. I have to admit, they look good together. But how many grainy, moody photos can the world really take? Check out some of the highlights from their hip adventures.

Franco's admiring post:

Here's Lana's post after Of Mice and Men:

Here they are with fellow cool person, MoMA curator Klaus Biesenbach:

This one's weird:

Images: James Franco (4), Lana Del Ray/Instagram