Bring Her Back To Our Televisions NBC!

by Keertana Sastry

For the millions of people who missed it, the incredible Maya Rudolph's variety show special aired last May, and instead of letting audiences who did watch the special know if it would be coming back as an actual series, NBC said absolutely nothing on the subject and the special disappeared into the annals of TV history. But finally we've got new information about Maya and the show's future on the peacock network. Originally, the show was described by the network as a kind of "backdoor pilot" for a possible Maya Rudolph series, and at the TV Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, NBC Entertainment head Robert Greenblatt said the network was now in discussion with Maya about its return.

The network was encouraged by audience response to Maya's variety special in May and it also brought in a solid number of viewers. Now NBC has to decide whether these positive results constitute the show's return. If they do agree for more Maya TV time, NBC then has to decide what format the new show would take. Will it be another variety special or a full series? Only time will tell, but here's what I know for sure: Maya Rudolph needs to have her own show. She needs to be back on our televisions every single week.

Since her big introduction to TV with Saturday Night Live, Maya has been a fan-favorite, and there's no doubt why. She's hilarious and creative and elevated every single sketch she was featured in for all seven years she appeared on the show. Plus, she gained even more fans from her work with Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids and her short-lived but great NBC show Up All Night. If anyone deserves to have their own show and could really make it something special, it's Maya and there are several reasons why a Maya Rudolph–led variety show would be totally brilliant.

She Knows How To Create Hilarious Characters And Imitate Celebrities

Who can forget Maya's incredible Beyoncé and Whitney Houston impressions? Or what about the hilarious Maya Angelou sketch she did on SNL? Maya can parody just about anybody and it never seems cruel, it's always just hilarious. And her original characters are just as perfect.

She Can Sing. It's In Her Blood

Not only has she used her singing chops in parodies and sketches on SNL, she also sang backup and toured with the band The Rentals. She even has her own Prince cover band called Princess. She's also the daughter of acclaimed soul singer Minnie Ripperton. Singing in a variety special would be second nature for Maya.

She Has Friends In High Places

Considering the incredible films she's been in, the celebrities she's met while on SNL and the actors she's come to know through her director husband Paul Thomas Anderson, Maya could bring in quite the star power to her show. That would glue some eyeballs to television screens for sure.

NBC's new Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is basically a variety show in its own right. Jimmy may have guests whom he interviews, but the real draw of the show is Jimmy's mini sketches, games, and song parodies. Sounds a lot like what Maya already did with her variety special in May. Revisiting this show doesn't really seem like much of a stretch for NBC. So let's get on it guys.

Images: NBC; scottielaw/Tumblr; yay--stefon/Tumblr