11 Grilling Recipes That Go Way, Way Beyond Burgers and Hot Dogs

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Your grill needs a break. It’s not you. It’s — okay, it’s definitely you. The minute summer arrived, you were throwing steaks over the coals faster than you can say George Foreman . Don’t get it wrong: Your grill has loved all the cookouts you've had so far this season. It was there for you through the ribs and the vegan 'cue — but it wants to you to know it can be so much more.

Once you’re burned out on the old steak-burger-fish rotation, let your grill show you what it’s really made of. Give it your watermelon, your cheese — heck, even your doughnuts ­— and it will deliver nothing less than crisp, summertime glory. Fire up the coals, ladies. This summer, we’re going big or we’re going hungry.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

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