11 Grilling Recipes That Go Way, Way Beyond Burgers and Hot Dogs

Your grill needs a break. It’s not you. It’s — okay, it’s definitely you. The minute summer arrived, you were throwing steaks over the coals faster than you can say George Foreman . Don’t get it wrong: Your grill has loved all the cookouts you've had so far this season. It was there for you through the ribs and the vegan 'cue — but it wants to you to know it can be so much more.

Once you’re burned out on the old steak-burger-fish rotation, let your grill show you what it’s really made of. Give it your watermelon, your cheese — heck, even your doughnuts ­— and it will deliver nothing less than crisp, summertime glory. Fire up the coals, ladies. This summer, we’re going big or we’re going hungry.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

by Lisa Siva


Yes, you can — and should — be grilling fruit, starting with avocados. Pick one that’s still a bit firm, cut it in half, and throw it on the grill. When it’s nice and charred, you can dress it with a vinaigrette or make the best guacamole ever. Thanks, Savory Simple!

Image: Savory Simple


A thick slice of watermelon holds up nicely on the grill. Take a cue from How Sweet Eats and toss it with a salad — or eat it as is with only a drizzle of honey for company.

Image: How Sweet Eats


Our genius friends at Half Baked Harvest grill up bananas to give their desserts an extra smoky kick. Um…banana split, anyone?

Image: Half Baked Harvest


Fashion Edible thinks you should be putting pineapples on your burgers — and we have to agree. Just be sure to give them a little grill time first.

Image: Fashion Edible


Kale fans, eat your hearts out. You already love your brassica every which way — now, let’s introduce it to the grill. You have The Gouda Life to thank.

Image: The Gouda Life


When you think of artichokes, you’re probably thinking of those sad yellow things floating around in a jar at the supermarket. But a fresh artichoke heart, cut in two and thrown on the grill, is nothing short of a revelation. Cooking for Keeps shows us how.

Image: Cooking for Keeps


Don’t have a brick oven? No problem. Half Baked Harvest makes mini, berry-topped pizzas that are perfect for outdoor grilling.

Image: Half Baked Harvest


These cheesy, potato-stuffed jalapeno poppers are begging to be the star of your next cookout. Adventures in Cooking breaks it down.

Image: Adventures in Cooking


Okay, grilled cheese is nothing new — but we’re not talking the sandwich kind. Naturally Ella fires up her halloumi, but Brie and chilled slices of goat cheese are great options, too.

Image: Naturally Ella


Can you tell we’re a little grill-happy? Heather Christo fries up her Nutella-smothered croissant sandwiches, but we think they’d be so good over the coals.

Image: Heather Christo


While we’re getting crazy over here, let’s just go ahead and grill up our doughnuts, too. Pair them with a chocolate sauce for dunking and get a pair of stretchy pants ready. Thanks, Half Baked Harvest!

Image: Half Baked Harvest