9 Alternative Uses For Your Old Kiddie Pool

by Sofia Barrett-Ibarria

You probably haven't thought about those tiny plastic kiddie pools since you were actually small enough to comfortably fit inside one. But now that I mention it, don't you remember all the good times you once had not drowning in that BPA-filled plastic? Well, that flimsy plastic pool has probably been gathering at least twenty years-worth of dust in your parent's garage ever since. Before your mom clears out all your childhood memorabilia and converts your old bedroom into a craft room, snatch that sucker up and save it! Because even though your old kiddie pool hasn't seen the light of day in decades, it isn't too late to give this crumbling symbol of your lost childhood a newfound purpose.

Have Toy Story and The Brave Little Toaster taught you nothing? Old cast-off toys will begin to feel neglected over time. And when they do, they will FIND YOU AND MAKE YOU LOVE THEM. No, but seriously, all fear of revenge-seeking toys aside, why add one more piece of garbage to the planetary garbage pile that's slowly killing us all? Reuse all the things!

If you're able to salvage your kiddie pool in time for summer, find out some new ways you can bring back an old classic. Here are some ingenious ways to use them. And remember:

As a Stargazing Fort

NASA/Getty Images News/Getty Images

For a romantic evening (or a cheap date) use your old (dry) kiddie pool to build a stargazing fort. Blankets, pillows, wine, DONE. (Also, can we talk about how cool blanket forts are?)

as a Giant Hula Hoop Bubble-Maker


as a Raised-Bed Garden

If you have a backyard or the patio space to set this up, turn your kiddie pool into a tiny raised-bed garden.

as a Floating Flower display

Fill that bad boy up with water and throw in some flowers. See? Feigning effortless sophistication is easy.

as A Ball Pit


Create a Chuck-E-Cheese style ball pit and relive one of the most wonderful and terrible memories of your childhood. Toss it in a normal-size pool and you have your own personal floating ball pit.

as a Splatter Paint Studio

Use your kiddie pool as a mess-free impromptu art studio and you'll never have to worry about cleanup.

as a duckie pond

Now if we could just find some ducklings...

As a cooler for beer

Granted, frats have been using this one for awhile.

As a foot bath

Fill it with rose petals and wham-bam — you've got yourself half a pedicure.