Lindsay Lohan Could Move to London & That Wouldn't Be Such a Bad Idea

Lindsay Lohan has had a particularly hard year, although it might be hard to tell the difference these days. She's gone from beloved childhood star and rising adult actress to the punchline of one too many jokes as America seems far too reluctant to let her grow and get back in the game. If there's one thing that really shows how far she has come, it's the #TBT photo Lohan posted on Instagram of herself from The Parent Trap era that made us all miss times long past. While it shouldn't exactly be taken as definitive proof that she's about to abandon the states, Lohan has expressed a desire to move to London, and that would be a smart move for a variety of reasons.

Lohan has a reputation in the United States that, at this point, isn't a good one. For every time we hear that she's about to attempt some kind of comeback, we're hearing again about how she's failing to show up for work and pissing off the people giving her second chances. Her every move is scrutinized and she is often being compared unfavorably to the Lindsay Lohan of old. Moving to London would be a fresh start from her in an atmosphere that, according to Lohan, has "such a different outlook [about pop culture]."

It's true that America's obsessive need to know every single thing about celebrities' lives has reached such ethical breach levels as a leaked elevator video of Jay Z and Solange getting into a fight and such dangerous levels as Justin Bieber getting into a car accident trying to evade paparazzi. That is really not an atmosphere that fosters recovery, and Lohan's public image might have fallen to such a point in America that it's almost impossible for her to rehabilitate it. Her own reality show, Lindsay, was cancelled after only one season, after all.

However, moving to England, where people seem to be less interested in celebrities as they are in news, politics, and the royal family, would be the breath of fresh air from judgmental eyes and the inability to walk to the grocery store without being followed that Lohan so desperately needs. Lohan is well justified in thinking of her own needs first and her career second; if a cross-country move would make her happy, then we owe it to her to be happy for her.

For too long, Lohan has been dragged through the mud in ways, and for things, that have not always been her fault. It would be great to see her get away from that and get to relax again. Not to mention how great it would be to hear Lohan pick up an authentic English accent.

Image: Tumblr (1)