'Big Brother 16's Donny Manipulated Nicole & Proved That He Knows How to Play This Game

You've been warned. Underestimating Donny on Big Brother is not in anyone's best interest. America's sweetheart who deserves to win the Best Beard at the county fair finally showed a hint of his true colors during Sunday night's episode and the target of his manipulations was none other than one of his house friends, Nicole. Admittedly, Donny has a lot of friends in the Big Brother house because of how kind and genuine he is, but apparently even kind and genuine have their limits. Of all the guests in the house, Big Brother's Donny is the one who makes everyone else paranoid, but people looking for flaws in his docile exterior can finally relax. Just because he's docile and generally harmless doesn't mean Donny doesn't know how to play the game.

Nicole and Derrick were made HoH after the last competition and the two of them were at a loss for who to put up on the block. Derrick managed to convince Caleb to volunteer to save Amber in a misguided sense of chivalry that probably isn't going to get him into her pants any faster and Nicole decided to share the intel about this plan with Donny after impressing upon him the importance of this remaining between the two of them.

Big mistake. Donny immediately went and told Brittany and Jocasta about the scheme, which was overheard by Amber. When Amber ran upstairs to tell Nicole about it, she was shocked by Donny's flagrant betrayal of her trust and shocked that Donny was capable of such a thing. However, why should she have been shocked? Donny has been a floater during the game, but he's been less obvious about it than Jocasta. He's also had a hand in every pot, but, again, he's been less obvious about it than Frankie.

Donny is the guy that everyone likes, the guy that everyone feels bad about slighting, the guy that sees everything and says nothing. While everyone has been busy worrying about Devin, Caleb, Zach, and Frankie, Donny has been playing a better game than all of them combined. This culminated in Nicole feeling such guilt for putting him up for eviction that she went to Donny to explain herself and apologize. Donny smoothly used her guilt to manipulate her, asking, "Did you tell me not to tell at this point?" Nicole was feeling so bad by this point that she couldn't even remember doing so.

After that masterful job well done, Donny went on to win the Power of Veto for this week — for the second time since the start of the competition — because he's not to be messed with. As for what he thinks of his other house guests, well, Donny's assessment of Caleb Monday morning was, "I would like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he think he’s worth."

Between that amazing beard, his genuine kindness, and his shameless feistiness, is it any wonder that America loves them some Donny? This might be the second time that Donny finds himself put up on the block, but it's also the second time he's won the Power of Veto which means there's a good chance that he might be in the house for a good long time. And if it comes down to jury, well, the other house guests had better watch their backs.

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