Beyonce Works Loud, Mixed Prints For Summer

Prints, especially those of the mixed sort, are not always easy to pull off. Beyonce, currently traipsing the country with her hubby Jay Z on their joint On the Run Tour, makes prints look easy, but then again, King Bey tends to do that with everything. The singer, actress, and diva, who meshes fashion with function when it comes to her stage ensembles, shared photos of herself wearing bold, loud, and mixed prints on her Instagram feed. So, she basically taught us how to make these styles work in three easy IG snaps. Each outfit is totally summer ready and Beyonce unintentionally shares an innate and inherent style lesson with each pic.

In fact, since Bey split the images and shared two shots of her in one outfit in each photo, you get multiple views and a double dose of suggestions on how to wear prints as rompers and summer shorts sets. It's as though Bey is acting as your personal stylist through her photos. As if she didn’t have enough to do, by going to work every night with the Hova and being a doting mom to that budding fashionista Blue Ivy, in addition to generally being the Queen of pop music and an all-around humanitarian, making hush, hush, not-for-publicity donations and more.

Let Beyonce teach you how to wear prints with some photographs and added intangibles.

1. Confident in Camo

Houston girl Beyonce went the military route with her camo ensemble. It has a loose construction and it shows off her thighs, as opposed to her shoulders and her arms. The outfit got a boost from Bey's playful pose, puckered lips, her over-the-shoulder gaze, and her own hair pull. You can be comfy in a bold print such as this, especially since it's not skintight, allowing you to breathe and be stylin' when it's hot and humid.

2. Accessorize Carefully

Since Bey's yin-yang and floral print ensemble is so mixed and so expressive, she wisely keeps the accessories to a minimum with a simple black fedora. This is a look that you or I could work or replicate easily.

3. Mixed Master

Throw everything I've said about prints prior to this photo out the window. Whoa! Bey mixed four really loud, conflicting prints, which used to be a serious fashion "don't" and "no no." But in 2014, outmoded fashion rules such as that fall by the wayside. Bey is making a fun, inspired statement that is all over the place. Even her belt, which is leopard, and her cap are contrasted to the lines of the sideboob-showing top and patterns of thigh-exposing, well-slitted skirt. However, she did keep the color families of the prints somewhat similar, which added a dash of cohesion. There is a LOT going on here, so you sort of have to strut your stuff like you know you look good to make this work. It's not for everyone, so why not try experimenting on a smaller scale first, liking mixing stripes and polka dots, perhaps? That said, you have to be a fashion risk taker to try this and why not? You can always wear something else that is totally monochromatic tomorrow.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram