12 Seaside-Inspired Decor Ideas To Curb Your Beach Craving

Look, I get it — you want to be at the beach but your pesky job keeps getting in the way. So annoying. Who would want to be stuck in a cubicle during a time like this? Summer is for beachy waves and iced coffee, not Excel spreadsheets and business casual attire. I want to be getting a sunburn and reading up a storm by the salty ocean, and staying in the city feels like a serious struggle.

There is only one solution at a time like this. If you can't get to the beach, you have to bring the beach to you. I gathered up some awesome nautical-inspired decor for your home, office, or home office to curb your beach craving until you can make it to the ocean for real.

nautical flag banner

I may be biased seeing as I am a huge fan of banners and garlands, but these nautical flags are just about the coolest seaside decor you can find.

Nautical Flag Banner, $32,

seaside park boardwalk photo

This lovely boardwalk photo adds just a pinch of beach and a whole lot of awesome. I can almost hear the ocean waves and children playing.

Seaside Park Boardwalk photo, $25,

japanese glass fishing floats

I love that these fishing floats look like bubbles waiting to pop. They’ll make you feel like you are out on the water instead stuck of at home.

Japanese Glass Fishing Floats, $12,

telescope and compass set

I doubt this telescope and compass set is functional enough to actually use, but I’m sure it'll help your imagination run wild with maritime adventures.

Telescope and Compass Set, $10,

life preserver throw pillow

I never would have guessed a life saving device could make such an adorable pillow.

Life Preserver Throw Pillow, $29,

nautical knots

I don’t completely understand the purpose of this nautical knot decor trend, but do know that I love it.

Nautical Knots, $15,

ship in a bottle

You can’t have a beach-themed room without a ship in a bottle! Snatch up this one before she sails away.

Ship in a Bottle, $50,

nautical wooden lantern

Target has been kind of killing it in the home goods department. My favorites include this cool wooden lantern, perfect for decorating a bookshelf or backyard.

Nautical Wooden Lantern, $17,

nautical rattan tray

This tray is another must for carrying items (duh, it’s a tray) or for just hanging out on your coffee table.

Nautical Rattan Tray, $20,

whale pillow

This whale pillow is fun for both kids and adults, and will totally satisfy that whale watching craving (well maybe not totally).

Whale Pillow, $28,

nautical clutch

A night on the town could be made beachy too, especially with this cool nautical inspired clutch.

Nautical Fold Over Clutch, $55,

nautical coaster set

Keep your drinks from sweating on your table with these awesome compass, anchor, and other nautical coasters.

Nautical Coaster Set, $26,