Philadelphia Statue Looks Just Like Ron Swanson & He Would Absolutely Approve — PHOTO

It's that 'stache, isn't? Or is it the facial structure? Or is it in the eyes? Or can you sense that this statue lives on a hearty diet of meat and meat? Someone found a marble statue that looks identical to Ron Swanson right outside of the Walnut Street Theater in Philadelphia. One commenter on Reddit put it best: "A wood worker's nightmare, to be cast in stone." HA. 'Tis true — but don't you think Swanson would be delighted to know that he was immortalized?

Anyhow, when you see the photo of the statue, you'll be shocked just how identical it is to the popular and very quotable Parks and Recreation character. It will make you ask some questions, like, does Nick Offerman have a long lost relative who inspired Philly artisans to cast his likeness in stone? Or was this a contemporary artist who was like, "You know who needs to be immortalized forever? Ron Swanson. Let's give him a statue. Let's make him regal."

No matter if this statue is 100 years old or two years old, here's hoping that Swanson sojourns to Philly from Pawnee in the near future and has the opportunity to see this sight. He'd definitely have something to say about it.

Leslie Knope, don't get too jealous that you weren't immortalized, too.

Image: Imgur