It's Your Self Portrait, Using Only Emojis

We’ve talked a lot about what your most frequently used emoji says about you, as well as how your recently used emojis can offer a bizarre and somewhat terrifying glimpse into the inner workings of your mind… And now we know what happens when we allow our souls to manifest in emoji form. A Twitter bot by the name of @Emojidoll will tell you exactly what you look like drawn totally in emojis — and all you have to do is tweet the word “me” at it.

The creation of Matthew Rothenberg, former Head of Product at Flickr and Bitly and current mastermind of projects as diverse as Emojitracker and Canal St. Integers, @Emojidoll takes the approximately eighty bajillion available emojis (a number which I definitely just made up) and assembles them into vaguely humanoid figures when called upon to do so. According to the Daily Dot, there are six options for torsos — dress, blouse, kimono, bikini, and two different shirts — and five for shoes. Your emojidoll may or may not have a hat; it might have none, or it might have two, depending on whether the head chosen by the bot is one of the emoji faces already wearing a hat. Hands might be actual hands, or they might be items you can hold in a hand. The bot’s bio states that there are a mind-boggling 15.6 million possible combinations.

As always, I’m willing to guinea pig myself so you don’t have to. At 10:42 EST this morning, I tweeted “@emojidoll me,” and within seconds, I had my response. Apparently in emoji-form, I am…

A pile of poo clad in a kimono, with a colorful kebab for one arm and a notebook for the other, stomping around in a pair of brown, heeled boots, and rocking a top hat.

This feels strangely accurate, although I’m not totally sure I can tell you why. It just feels sort of… right. Or something.

A small selection of other emojidolls populate the world with aliens dressed up for a big night out with a balloon and a piece of chicken:

A top hat-wearing tiger getting ready to paint its next museum masterpiece:

And, perhaps a little frighteningly, a knife-wielding pig wearing a hair bow and heels who seems to have just robbed a bank:

It’s worth noting that, as Laura Stampler at TIME pointed out, “there is a distinct underutilization of the eggplant” — although on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing. Do with that what you will.

@Emojidoll only came into existence on July 10, so it’s still in its early days; even so, it ran into a little bit of trouble with Twitter toward the end of last week for the sheer volume of tweets it was spewing out. Happily, though, Twitter raised @Emojidoll’s account limits on Friday afternoon; as @Emojidoll itself stated in light of the news, “Emojidolls for all!”

To find out what your emojidoll is, just tweet “@emojidoll me.” Let us know what you get on Facebook or Twitter!

Images: Wayhome Studio/Fotolia; @luciapeters, @abetrve, @JaviMaravich, @kuriaa_/Twitter (4)