Kesha Is Maid of Honor Material & Not Just Because of All the Glitter

Guys, Ke-no-more-dollar-sign-ha is going to be a maid of honor! Sadly, she won’t be mine, but nonetheless, I’m so happy that she’s getting a chance to do this. On her Instagram, the singer has answered her cousin Kalan’s request to be her maid of honor with a resounding yes. Obviously, Kesha is going to be the best maid of honor of all time, and I can’t pretend like I’m not a little jealous that she's not in mine. That is, if I were getting hitched in the first place.

Kalan Sebert, the bride-to-be, is Kesha’s first cousin and ride-or-die buddy. Both gals are 27 years old, and I can easily speculate that they were very close growing up. As an only child with a cousin my own age, I know the value of having someone close in age with whom you share a grandma. Your cousin is like your built-in friend for all boring social events growing up and basically your de facto sibling. If that surrogate sister and life-long friend just happens to be Kesha, the empress of fun, it’s clear that you probably did something great in a past life.

Much like Ashton Kutcher was meant to be a wedding emcee, Kesha was destined to be an amazing maid of honor. Let us count the ways in which Kesha Sebert will be the best M of H of all time:

She's super enthusiastic about the job

I mean, it's a bit difficult not to be super excited about a question that is asked in rhinestones.

The bridal shower will be a glitter shower

Who needs a Cuisinart when you can have tequila and shiny powder!?

She's discrete

Kesha will field any questions that people have about the wedding for you and keep your any surprise elements top secret. This girl is a vault.

She'll wear any dress you want

She'll rock any glittery, tulle, satin nightmare you deign to dress her in because it's your day, and she just wants you to be happy.

Your bachelorette party will be one for the history books

It's very possible that a better planner of last-hurrahs has never been born. This party will get the very best type of weird.

On the day of the wedding, she'll make sure you have enough snacks to help you stave off hangriness

There will probably be glitter-covered cupcakes.

Cats will be involved in the wedding planning in some fashion.

This three-foot-tall cat sculpture she found at the flea market would make an amazing centerpiece.

She could get James Van Der Beek to make a cameo...

Dawson at your wedding is nothing short of the ultimate fantasy.

She's an incredible friend

At the end of the day, this is what it boils down to. She's a fun, unstuffy badass who lives and loves fiercely, and would help make your wedding into a bash to remember. Kesha for maid of honor to the world!

Images: Kesha/Instagram; its-kesharose; dissopointment; fearlesskesha/Tumblr; Giphy (3)