'Catfish' Max Joseph & Wife Priscila Are Adorable and These Photos Prove It

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph's job on their MTV series Catfish is to bring together couples who have never met face to face, often with disastrous results. While Nev and Max may often see relationships that take a turn for the worse upon their first official meeting, filmmaker Max's real-life relationship looks anything but complicated. According to website Starcasm, Max is currently married to Priscila Joseph and the two of them are just as cute as any happily united Catfish couple. (Hey, sometimes that happens!)

Though not very much is known about this silver fox's wife, one thing we do know about her is her passion for photography and modeling. Priscila has her own bilingual fashion blog, Majo Brasil, which features photographs taken by her husband. Feel free to drool over not only Priscila's amazing clothes, but also the places where she goes to photograph them. (Someone book me a plane ticket to Arizona, stat.)

But perhaps the best photographs are straight fron Priscila and Max's Instagram accounts. Though the two keep their relationship relatively private, they aren't shy about snapping cute pictures of one another. This couple is adorable, and the best part is that they know the other one is actually real. No one's getting catfished in this relationship, and it's a win-win for everyone. Check out some of the couple's sweet Instagram pics below.

The One With Their Catfish Family

The One Where They're Just Cruising

The One With Priscilla's Cool Sweater

The One With The Mirror Selfie (AND NEV!)

Terrifying face there, Nev.

The One Where They're SO Sleepy

The One Where There's Only One Chair At The Airport

But let's be honest, Max is way more comfortable.

The One Where They're "Celebrities"

The One At Coachella

Hella cute.

The One With the Sign

The One That's Outdoorsy/Fancy

The One From Their First Date!

Ugh, too cute. Cannot handle it.

Images: maxjoseph, priscjoseph/Instagram