A Dress Made From These Costs How Much?!

Friendship bracelets were a super important staple in my childhood, stretching across the wrists of almost all of my classmates. My friends and I would have freaked out over this dress completely made out of the loom bands that's now selling on eBay for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In case you're not hip to the pre-teen trends, loom bands are friendship bracelet-like accessories that have taken over the nation's middle schools since 2011. Loom bracelets were made by a dad who created them for his daughters, so that's precious.

And it's not just adolescents who are into these plastic baubles. Much like Silly Bandz before them, loom bracelets have also been worn by celebrities like Miley Cyrus — before she started DIYing everything you could possibly imagine.

But back to the dress. The unique design was created by single mom Helen Wright and her friend Kathryn Burnand from North Wales. It took 24,000 bands to make the form-fitting gown.

Originally, the gown was listed at a practical £50 on eBay, but after some bidding wars, the price has sky-rocketed. The dress is now worth over $310,215. That might seem absurd, and the cocreators of the frock are just as confused as you are. "I'm still in shock and I can't believe it," said Wright in an interview with Wales Online, "I still won't believe it until the bidding's finished and the money is in the bank."

Burnand made the dress while out of work purely out of boredom. Wright says that the dress wasn't made to be worn, but rather just as a novelty item.

Looks like a boredom-induced hobby turned into quite the paycheck for these women.

Images: Fotolia; helenwright72/eBay