Cameron Diaz Would Totally Get With a Lady, Just Not Vomit-Inducing Drew Barrymore

Thespian, renowned poop-lover, and author Cameron Diaz is comfy with her sexuality. Back in March, the charming actress told a British publication that "all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some time," and, unsurprisingly, after the comment, the rumor mill charged full speed ahead, trying to determine which ladies Diaz has been bedfellows with. One media outlet went so far as calling the actress, asking if she had been in a relationship with her close friend and Charlie's Angels co-star, Drew Barrymore. To which Diaz told Harper's Bazaar she said, "Literally, that makes me want to vomit in my mouth." (No offense, Drew.)

It isn't that Diaz doesn't think her BFF is attractive (come on, the girl's adorable), it's just, for her, being intimate with Barrymore would be like having sex with a sibling, which, for the record, nobody should ever do. "I wouldn't even ménage with her," she added to really drive the point home.

Sadly, it isn't surprising that people immediately started wondering about Diaz and Barrymore's relationship after the actress's comments. We live in a world where if anyone dares to go outside the the confines of gay or straight, people's heads pretty much explode due to the inability to process something that's not black or white. Wait, she's attracted to men and women?! But ... how?!

Good for Diaz for refusing to be placed in a neat, easy-to-understand box. And more so, good for her for managing to get the phrase "vomit in my mouth" in a Bazaar cover story. If there's one thing glossies are woefully understocked with, that's certainly it.