Cameron Diaz's Been with a lady, so what?

Cameron Diaz loves to overshare. She's talked about vaginas with Chelsea Hander, written about her pubic hair preference, and admitted that she is attracted to men and women. At times her opinions can get a little TMI, but Cameron Diaz's latest confession is that she's been with a woman, and it's refreshing to hear her be so open about it. On Monday's Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen played "Plead the Fifth" with the actress where he asks three questions and she may only decline to answer one of them. His first question was if she'd ever been with a woman and Diaz didn't dodge around the question or give an embarrassed laugh or even plead the fifth. Instead she answered honestly saying, "Yes, I have been with a lady. Yeah."

Her openness in answering this question allows Diaz to join the few celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood who continue to help destigmatize bisexuality. That someone as well-known as Diaz is willing to talk about her experiences is inspiring. She's broached the topic before, discussing how labels aren't what she's about. "If I’m going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian," she said recently. "We put these restraints and definitions on people, but it’s hard to define."

Hopefully this announcement won't have media jumping on the "Cameron Diaz is gay" train after she's been so clear about not wanting to be labeled. Instead I hope her response is lauded for what it is: an honest answer to a question she isn't ashamed of answering. Removing the shame from the discussion of same-gender sexual experiences will hopefully help make it less scandalous when a star does admit to something like this. Maybe someday it will go from being a funny quiz question to being a real, important conversation. Kudos to Diaz for getting the ball rolling.