Kid's Selfie With Paul McCartney & Warren Buffet Is One of the Best of the Year — PHOTO

Sometimes, when you're a kid in Nebraska, you're just hanging out on a random Sunday evening, when all of a sudden, you spot a Beatle and a billionaire chilling on a bench. Today reports that Paul McCartney and Warren Buffet did, indeed, have a friend date around Omaha, but one teenager, Tom White, took a selfie with the two legends in the background, making for the best selfie in the history of, well, ever. The picture in of itself is magnificent, since White is all, "Hey, sup, Internet, this is AWESOME," and McCartney and Buffett are just relaxing in the background, as people do (McCartney and Buffet, they're just like you and me! They sit on benches!). But what are they thinking?

So now, we must play the game Caption the Photo. Some plausible options are:

  • "We are just like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Best friends, exploring small pockets of the universe together."
  • "Hey Paul, you a big Counting Crows fan?"
  • "This pic is going to do wonders for our fame, Warren."
  • "What's that white rectangle he's pointing at us?"
  • "If the kid doesn't get over 100,000 likes, we know we've lost our touch."

And that is how you take a phenomenal selfie.

Image: speeeeeeed_of_white /Instagram