Kaley Threw Him the Craziest Party Ever

Her wedding had an upside down wedding cake hanging from the ceiling, so it's not exactly a shocker that Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco could throw a surprise party for her hubby and tennis pro Ryan Sweeting that would go off with a, well, bang. We know this for a fact because the actress shared tons of pics of her handiwork on her Instagram account, starting off with the big reveal. Now, everything hinges on the big reveal at surprise parties. They can be ruined by improper timing by the guest of honor or the guests themselves, and a really bad hiding place like behind a fake ficus tree can spell out disaster. The reveal’s the most stressful part of the entire planning process, so that might explain why Cuoco opted to just hide everyone behind a big black curtain.

While I get that dark drapery still has an air of mystery — Sweeting might've attributed it to new fangled home decor — it is a pretty dead giveaway. I mean, why else would Sweeting stand before a rather large curtain on his birthday with his wife by his side, if not because a huge surprise party was behind it?

His reaction, while adorably taken aback as he stumbled to the floor, seemed to be genuine surprise though, and while he might've guessed, he couldn't have been ready for all of the fun things Cuoco had planned behind that big curtain.

Like His Name in Lights

It's his birthday. It's his surprise. It's his day. Why wouldn't he want to see his name in lights? Lucky for him, Cuoco got it for him.

Or a Pool Dance Party

The best way to ring in any personal new year — be it age, job, or maybe a high score on 2048 — is with a dance party. The length of that black curtain could hide the gyrating bodies and the fabric could muffle out the DJ playing One Direction for the big reveal. Don't think so? Well, the party resulted in a midnight pool dance-off.

Or a Synchronized Swim Show

It's just so crazy that Mrs. Sweeting might actually do it! Or rather, she did invite the talented Aqualillies to perform and posed with them for an adorable photo-op.

Or an Awesome Cake

If it was my birthday and I was getting a surprise, I'd expect (and hope) I'd get an awesomely delicious cake, especially if my last name was Sweeting. Cuoco did her man better and put several photos of his face from a young age to the present on his pop-up cake.

Or the Best Surprise Party Ever

Even if Sweeting did know a party was coming, his wife really went above and beyond. She wrote on Instagram that she was making up for lost time, having met the tennis star last year after his birthday, so Sweeting probably couldn't have guessed all of that was behind the curtain before the big reveal.

Images: Kaley Cuoco/Instagram