Joss Whedon Made a 'Buffy' Fan's Wish Come True

I must've been too focused on mourning Tatiana Maslany's Emmy snub and freaking out over Gillian Flynn's new show, because otherwise, there's no way I would've missed the news that the original female TV superhero, Buffy Summers, returned last week after 11 years off the air. Well, let me rephrase — her cartoon self returned, in the form of a napkin drawing created by Joss Whedon at the request of a fan, which isn't as weird as it sounds. Well, it is, but it's also fantastic. Let me explain.

It all happened so quickly. Last weekend, Whedon was tweeting away about fireworks and celebrations ("my ideal 4th of July: me and my friends are all alive") when, on Saturday, he received a tweet from a user called @ThoughtOtter that simply said: "Joss Whedon." After a friend of that user pointed out the coincidence of her post appearing right before a tweet from Whedon in his Twitter feed, @ThoughtOtter responded in perfect fashion for a fan of the demon-loving showrunner, saying, "I summoned him." Which, apparently, she did; just a few minutes later, Whedon responded.

To which @ThoughtOtter, presumably after recovering from the shock of being tweeted by Whedon-as-a-wish-granting-demon, gave her request:

Then came the best development of all — Whedon actually did just that. On a napkin, he scribbled a drawing of Buffy stabbing a vampire with a stake, complete with word bubbles and sidenotes fitting of the slayer. It was almost too good to be true:

And apparently, it was. While a pleased @ThoughtOtter thanked Whedon and told him that he was free to go, he wasn't as thrilled to leave:

Of course, @ThoughtOtter relented, telling Whedon that he could stay but would have to share living space with other fantasy filmmakers ("George Lucas gets a little crabby before bedtime"). And then the conversation ended. While some Buffy fans might've been satisfied with this interaction, I certainly wasn't; now that we know Whedon answers his Twitter summonings, does this mean we can ask him more questions about his best-loved show? Because I have plenty. And yes, I know that the story continues in the comic books, but as I'm more of a TV person, I'm counting on Whedon-as-demon to help me out.

So, Joss Whedon, if you're reading this: does Andrew stay good? Does Xander get over Anya? Does Dawn get less annoying? (Just kidding. Of course she doesn't.) Is Spike dead-dead, or just vampire-disintegrated-dead? Will Rupert "Ripper" Giles get a chance to show his bad self? And, most importantly, how's Miss Kitty Fantastico? So many questions, so little answers. Whedon, I summon you: if you don't want Mr. Pointy in your life, give us fans some Buffy information, stat.