'American Psycho' The Musical Will Premiere Off Broadway — Will 'Doctor Who's Matt Smith Still Be Cast?

Patrick Bateman is coming back to America and this time he's got some musical chops. That's right the musical version of American Psycho will be produced Off-Broadway at the Second Stage Theatre in February of 2015. The musical, which features music and lyrics by 90s pop singer and Spring Awakening composer Duncan Sheik, originally premiered in London at the end of last year and received pretty decent reviews. While the idea of a musical based on Bret Easton Ellis' novel is cool all on its own, the London production stepped its cool factor up by about 1000% by adding Doctor Who's Matt Smith, as its lead. Yup, you read that right. The 11th Doctor played Patrick Bateman. Now the new version of the show will most likely not feature Matt Smith when it comes to New York, it will probably instead feature an All-American cast according to Second Stage's artistic director, but wouldn't it be cool to see the Doctor and a few of his companions and other Doctor Who cast members take on a few of the iconic American Psycho roles?

Many of the BBC's beloved actors in recent years can sing, and have in fact been in previous productions of plays and musicals both in the West End and in New York. So it really wouldn't be much of a stretch talent-wise to see these folks onstage in this 1980's-ers, Wall Street-set musical about a crazy executive who goes crazy and murders people. The subject material itself is probably where the challenge would lie but with a few tweaks to the music and a book that doesn't skimp on the craziness or the gore, this musical could be huge in New York. So while Second Stage gets busy looking for the actual actors to play these parts, let's delve into which actors from Doctor Who canon would be perfect in our dream Doctor Who version of American Psycho: The Musical

As Patrick Bateman: Matt Smith

Yes, we should absolutely keep Matt in the title role. While critics were divisive about the show's score and direction, they were pretty much in agreement that Matt Smith's portrayal of the lead role was pretty great. So why change something that's working so well?

As Timothy Price: Arthur Darvill

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During his time as Rory Williams, the boy who waited, in Doctor Who, Arthur was the heart of the Doctor/Companion team, consistently providing support even when he was jealous or afraid. Sounds like the perfect person to play the best of an insane person like Patrick Bateman. Plus Arthur recently finished up a contract playing "Guy" in the musical version of Once on Broadway.

As Paul Owen: John Barrowman

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Fun fact: John Barrowman is a great singer. In fact, he seems to basically be able to do everything. Wouldn't Patrick Bateman hate someone like that? Isn't his jealousy the reason he kills Paul Owen? Jackpot.

As Luis Carruthers: Noel Clarke

Luis Carruthers is the closeted gay co-worker of Patrick Bateman. He is secretly in love with Patrick, which Patrick knows and hates. In fact, Patrick is even sleeping with Luis' girlfriend. Noel Clarke was excellent at playing the conflicted character of Mickey in Doctor Who and a conflicted character who becomes an unlikely terrorist in Star Trek Into Darkness. He would be perfect here.

As Evelyn Richards: Jenna Louise Coleman

Now this may be a bit of a stretch. Evelyn Richards is Patrick's pretty but obnoxious, materialistic girlfriend/fiancee, and the two characters don't really actually love each other. Jenna plays the loving, sweet and brave Clara on Doctor Who and is pretty much the opposite of Evelyn. Wouldn't it be fun to see her flex her acting muscles? She's certainly pretty enough to play beautiful and vapid.

As Jean: Freema Agyeman

Jean is the unassuming secretary of Patrick who is also not-so-secretly in love with him. Other than the unassuming, soft-spoken part, this role seems tailor-made for Freema, whose Martha Jones was shares a similar quality with Jean: In love with the men closest to them secretly. The biggest differences however, are obviously that Martha was actually a really strong woman who knew when to leave and start her own life. Perhaps she could bring a little strength to Jean as well.

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